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    I'm currently a student at TCC NW in Ftw, TX working on my AAS Horticulture Degree. This is my last semester in school/I'll graduate this spring May 2019. I'm currently registered/taking my last 3 classes, Herbaceous Plants (capstone), Soil Fertility, and Aquaponics. I plan on specializing in aquaponics, I live on a 10 acre farm/we raise cattle/chickens/ducks etc...and I am interested in organic gardening, I've already taken that class as well/plan on using what I have learned/along with everything else I've learned in school/along the way. I'm interested in setting up aquaponics system here on our farm, we have already bought a used storage container that is already spray insulated/is custom made the measurements are 33 ft long x 10 ft wide x 8 or 9 ft tall. Both ends open with double doors easy access either end, we bought it for a really good deal, pricewise. Our class is currently using the book Aquaponic Gardening by the author Sylvia Bernstein A step-by step guide to raising vegetables/fish together, bought it on Amazon, the book sells for $20. So as I'm learning I will be collecting/gathering things together/pricing/purchasing things a little here a little there in order to set the system up. Found your website/joining hoping to learn more info out here on the web as I also learn in class. I'm currently following a few different aquaponics groups on twitter as well. I'm excited about this class/everything aquaponic related, just trying to make sure I do it right the first time around/learn from other peoples mistakes since mistakes can be very costly. I know i'll make mistakes along the way, that's what makes us human/that's how we learn as well. Just trying to avoid making too many mistakes, especially those that are very expensive. I'm hoping to grow as I learn/teach my family along the way/make this a family business. I would like to be able to grow our own food being self sufficient/not depending on grocery stores/I don't want GMO's in our food/trying to keep everything transparent/avoiding pesticides that have bad side effects on humans/animals/our pollinators, as I have also taken Horticultural Pest Control as well. I would like in the future to be able to sell produce-veggies/fruits to the local restaurants/grocery stores/i'm hoping to be able to eventually tie in to the state WIC program/sell as a farmers market/would like to be able to provide food to the community charities/homeless shelters as well.
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    Agriculture, farming, aquaponics, animals, nature, love the outdoors and science

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