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  1. Get a sheet of corrugated plastic and coat it with baking foil. Run a black hose back and forth on the troughs secured with zip ties. Put it in the sun and add a small pump to circulate water from and back into the system Cheap heat.
  2. Just a quick 'hello' and why I'm lurking. Plans are to set up a commercial DWC system in the Finger Lakes wine region of New York with two side businesses of a wine bar and courtyard with light food service and music, plus two tiny cottages which will be rented through Airbnb. I've been doing Airbnb for years. Food prep and hospitality no problem. Aquaponics, I'm at the book reading stage. But I want to do it right I'm trying to size it, price it and get a marketing plan going, I'll be taking classes and working with Cornell U. in Ithaca NY for more guidance. Wish me luck.