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    Live on a homestead and run a few small systems and a larger 500 gallon systems...we moved from the beach to get away from all the craziness.
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    Pretty much anything and everything to do with homesteading skills

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  1. Absolutely no way I can keep this warm enough inside a tent..the winter grow will have to wait till next year when the structure is the fish inside under the to put together a small system to keep the water clean...easy peasy.
  2. Hey cool thanks! Shot a few pics but my phone does not do well in low light I will get some next far...working good..a bit at a time...alotta water to heat.
  3. Tank in place for first test...tank heating up...frikkin second hand pump leaks... Ran it for a few minutes..(heater water is around 64) brought the temp up almost a degree to 52.9 and the water is not even good and warm yet...of course water from the ground runs 58ish...was going to change the title of the thread since it is about the heater now...could not figure it out...some web
  4. I think...seein how my original thought has been thwarted...I will just go up and over the side of the tank...was hoping to be slick...but looks like slick is oot!
  5. Damnit...edit history...that will put an end to that drunk tappin! No takin it back here! lol
  6. I have a wood stove in there that is working pretty is a full time job keeping it stoked...(like two trips out there a night) I am considering propane back up also...once I get this up and running I will want that thing to STAY at temp not up and down so it will take some back up..most likely propane. I had thought about just going over the top with a couple of less places for it to leak BUT..I have been pretty impressed with the uniseals so far..and have several in use....thanks for the input! Image is kinda how it will be set up..I will have to have some kind of frame to support it the stove will not do it alone. great pic I know...gonna put ol Phil Swift inside the can as a liner....expensive but works.
  7. Was just saying hello.
  8. I am constructing a heating system for my greehouse and I want to use pex for the heat coil in the tank...anyone know if such an animal exists? I bought 1/2" pex and it seem to fall between standard uni sizes....May just have to go throught the sides of the tank with pvc then to pex...
  9. No offense..I am the caretaker of two member supported forums that have steadily lost members to fazebook..not sure why I thought this would be different..anyhow thanks for the welcome..I like forums myself..wealth of info.
  10. appears this forum is dead as well.
  11. New to this forum...been doing aquaponics for several years experimenting with different tanks...locations..gradually getting bigger...putting the fish under the house and running under lights in the winter then back outside for warm weather. This year I put the fish in an IBC tote and planted my tomatoes and a couple of loofas very late in the season as I was waiting for a second hand system made its way here..(taking months) So once all the tanks and equipment arrive I started adding things and changing from fountain pumps to one pump to run it has been now I finally have it working pretty well...after having erecting a grenhouse around it all and continuing on into the winter...(I tend to use what I can scrounge up) here I am...looking forward to stealing ides from yall! lol