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  1. Hi guys,I'll start describing my system:500 lt IBC fish tank1 grow bed 100x120x25cm (300lt). Wet media probably 200 ltMedia expanded clay pebbles.Water runs 15 minutes every hour using a timer.I'm growing 2 broad beans, 1 lettuce 1 strawberry 1 pok choy.15 trouts weighting 80ish grams each.Current feeding 10gr daily (divided in 4 feeds) and I should be feeding 25gr per day.water temperature have been quite low, between 5 and 20 degreeI've been running this system for 8 months, they cycle was completed in the first month.Generally speaking I've seen nitrates the first month and never anymore.With this feeding rate my ammonia and nitrites levels are always quite high, around 1ppm.If I stop feeding ammonia and nitrites disappear within 2 days. Yesterday I cleaned the grow bed but it wasn't dirty or smelly at all.I know 15 fishes are too many for my grow beds and I'm planning to add one more but shouldn't my current media fully support my current fish weight and feeding rate? If that is so, why I'm seeing ammonia and nitrites at 1ppm (and even more if I feed more)Also, why i'm not seeing any Nitrates with those few plants?Thanks guys in advance and, very nice forum.