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  1. Hi Nice plan My NFT 4" tubes have expanded clay in them, about half way filled. I have mainly strawberries in them. I find that the clay balls help in hot weather, If there was a leak or something or power outage you have more forgiveness, without the media things dry up quick. My tubes are high up,I reach up and grab my strawberries. My grow beds are underneath. Also red wigglers live in them. IAVs sound really cool, I hope incorporate a section in my system one day. My GH is 12x16 Aufin is right it can get crowded quickly. My system been up and running (not always that smooth) for almost 8 years now, Ive made a bunch of changes to it, constantly learning by trial and error, you tube and sites like this. Sure you can make that size GH work, if possible you may want to go bigger, more possibilities down the road. 30 f is about -1C, not bad, I put up a double layer in winter -20 to -30C is common where I am. I have blue and nile tilapia and a couple sp of minnows in separate tanks.minnows for bait. May want to incorporate a swirl filter. Uniseals work good. I try to keep everything food grade. Good luck and enjoy making your ideas reality!
  2. Great work!
  3. Hi AT, Where do I begin... and still making them (although they appear to be smaller) did not put air hole or T at in fish tank overflow, drained the tank completely used to small of diameter drain pipe from beds, overflowed beds made and used (for a few days, until I read about danger) a copper heating coil instead SS my first system was simply 1 10 foot 4" nft and a 55lb barrel with goldfish, worked great until I went crazy and added way too much stuff like aquarium tanks quickly had a sump tank that was too small (55 gal buried)and system didn't cycle properly had a sump that wasn't insulated in a warm water system had a 280 gal fish tank on a ibc tote which was also being used as a fish tank which I couldn't access properly to monitor fish and clean tank over fed fish, too much left in tank for some time didn't use back flow valve, so end of each cycle was pretty noisy(in a greenhouse), not the greatest sound for neighbours had too high of fish density (40 1" niles) not enough aeration and aquarium temp too high sadly lost them all (I was quite ill and my video feed to greenhouse was down, so I was unaware and not checking on my greenhouse as often as I usually do) cheers
  4. Hi looks good. Do you heat your greenhouse?
  5. thank you to all that welcomed! lots more upgrades coming! cheers
  6. * Moderators note: Continued from introduction section. Moving forward slowly with system changes and additions, difficult to find time. Here are some pictures
  7. Yes I do, it's in Hamilton Blues niles
  8. Hi

    I'm in Hamilton,  on the outskirts.

    My greenhouse is 16x12, double poly in winter. Made brackets to keep approx 6 air space without blower. I'll add pics when on my computer, from phone isn't working.

    I plan to run  warm water system and cold water system simultaneously on either side of greenhouse.

    Warm has blue and niles, cold probably trout or perch.


  9. Nice drawing. I'm in your area between lake and escarpment. Weather here is great for greenhouse!! Good luck!
  10. For Sure! Thanks
  11. Hi Frosty Fish, I learned a lot from you ! thanks!
  12. hello from Canada!
  13. Hi I've enjoyed aquaponics for about 5 years. Upgrading system now so I'll just post a bunch of pictures. It's a bit of a mess but things are starting to take shape! Cheers!!