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  1. No such thing as "frost line" in South Carolina!Not even last winter? :-)
  2. I excavated a hole and buried three 275 gallon IBCTotes. I covered the tops with metal walkway material and put my grow beds along the sides of the greenhouse. My chief reasons for burying the tanks were insulation and space in the GH. The system works well and I would do it again if starting over. I run my system with lower than optimal fish mass because I don't have the time or inclination to do constant water testing!
  3. With my below ground system, I have had to rethink the"sump" concept. I have re plumbed my system to add a sump between the gb's and the ft's.. I plan to use a vacuum to occasionally clean the bottom of the ft's as needed. I have given up on tilapia and am restocking with catfish and goldfish.
  4. I have built a 10 x 12 greenhouse with three 200+ gallon tanks buried down to where their water levels are about 6" above the base of the G/H. I built a metal grate floor over them and pump the water up to the GB's. For heat, I am adding a 3 X 12 solar water heater and expect to have to supplement the heat. I had goldfish last year that did fine, but this year I am going to try talapia which require more warmth. We'll see how it works. I really like my buried system.
  5. I found the BT at Lowe's and made it up in a small spray bottle. I have used it and it works just great. Doesn't seem to bother the fish at all. I have also pulled some off the tomato plants and fed them to the fish. Didn't actually see them get eaten, but they disappeared.
  6. Thank you very much! I will find some and use it. JVN
  7. I am getting eaten alive with tomato horn worms. I have tried spraying with liquid Sevin but I am afraid to add too much poison for fear of killing my fish. Any suggestions?
  8. I would love to post a few pictures, but can't figure out how to submit jpg pix. Also I would like to get correspond with a member, but can't find a log of members. Never have done blogs before.
  9. This is my first year of AP. I have a 175 gal tote for the fish and two half barrels with hydroton. Growing tomatos, squash, peppers, watermellon, cantelope, and peppermint. Everything doing great except cantelope. Didn't come up. Need more fish. I have put in some minnows to boost urea production.