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  1. I've been reading some of the documents found in the downloads section, and I've run into a problem: One of the documents FAO Small Scale Aquaponics Production states that a good rule of thumb is: This is a problem at the 50 gallon scale. A slightly overstocked 50 gallon ornamental aquarium will hold, say, 30 Zebra Danio and 5 Cory Cats. If my research is correct, that equates to about 127 milligrams of food per day. Well, according to the conversion factor found in the document, that gives us approximately 0.003175 M2 . That equates to roughly 0.03417 Ft2 of growing area (how's that for nano aquaponics!?) This can't possibly be correct, there are videos all over youtube of people with simple top mounted grow beds over 20 gallon tanks with one or two beta in them. They've got easily 10 times (or more) growing area than what those numbers say it should be, yet they are having success. Furthermore, the FAO document says that when using a media bed, I would want around a 1/1 ratio between biofilter volume and tank volume for a beginners setup (and goes on to state that experienced people can probably double the amount of grow bed area). So now I have a contradiction, I can only feed .034 Ft2 worth of plants, but I need 50 gallons of volume for filtration? Seems like I get one lettuce plant out of the deal here. What am I missing? How much grow area would you expect out of a 50 gallon aquarium with roughly 30 zebrafish and 5 cory cats? Can a 50 gallon tank hold more fish than I'm giving it?
  2. Thank you so much. The first paper I'm looking at already gave me the first piece of information I wanted (CHIFT), and I'm only in the first chapter.
  3. I am from Mississippi. All my life I've wanted to build an aquarium, so now that I'm out of university I finally can. But there are some things and issues: I like watching wildlife I like gardening I hate cleaning I am a computer engineer So, when looking for beginner tips for building my first aquarium I stumbled across aquaponics. It seems to combine all my needs: Gardening, watching wildlife, reducing the amount of cleaning that is required, and opportunities for automation. That seems like a win-win to me. However, as with all things in life, there are some issues, namely one big one: I seemingly cannot find accurate information. It turns out that questions like "How many square feet can my grow beds be for x gallons in my aquarium" are overwhelmingly complex questions and, what's worse, there are no whitepapers that give me math or methods for deriving this information. This is mild annoying, seeing as "rules of thumb" bother me, and I am a min-maxer by nature. So, that's me and that's why I'm here. I will ask questions and I will contribute where I can. Hopefully over time I learn enough to be of some use on the forum.