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    Interested in sharing and gaining knowledge on aquaculture systems for yellow perch
  1. Thanks for the info!
  2. I know there is a small fishery that buys yellow perch near me on lake Champlain by live weight. He pays about $1.35 lb and ships the fish to the Midwest. So he must be getting more than the $1.35 that he pays out. My goal is to try and get in contact with the fishieres in the Midwest and see what they pay per lb.. It's been a struggle to find them though. That's why I was see if any of you guys knew of any.
  3. Do you know any fisheries that buy live weight yellow perch? If I can get some prices that would help determine profit margin
  4. I'm looking at starting a yellow perch farm in ny. Does anyone know the price per lb yellow perch is getting live weight? Do you know any fisheries that buy in large qty?