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    Gov contractor with a love of systems and a love of fish. In behavior management and working with people I always strive for the triple win. I believe aquaponic's can be that food sustainability win.
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  1. I have already started reading a few threads and I am exited about applying my fish experience with my green thumb. Starting small and keeping it simple for initial stability. This is an amazing resource. I am on Vancouver island and you wouldn't think we would even bother considering our wet coast lifestyle. I am also very excited about crossing over to water foul bird and potentially rabbit. As of right now starting with very small scale to work out formats and filter systems. I believe ( hypothesis) a transition system can be incorporated that can isolate both side without losing value. This would be so fish and plant sides can be optimizes with completely different temps and ph needs being met for optimized outcomes. No additives is also a big concern of mine. Pellet ( fish food) make up is also a major concern of mine. Any threads already covering these topics you can link me to? If you are on Vancouver island or maybe "that guy" I heard about in Prince George I am also interested in traveling to meet and share in person. Thank you Timon Anderson