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  1. Hi AtomsDad and welcome to APN, Cheers.
  2. Congrats Bryan, Good luck, Cheers.
  3. Hi everyone, Some advise from those who know please. At the moment there seems to be a push or strong encouragement for people to install password generators to protect against hackers...I have a couple of questions... Is tis secure? The reason I ask is you need to provide an email address and password to develope an account...To me a hacker just has to crack your password and they have access to all of your stored passwords in one area... If this is advised, which are the best programmes to install? Cheers.
  4. Thanks mate, Appreciate you doing that for me. Why Not a web based generator? Cheers.
  5. Hi Cecil, I don't know how it was statistically but I live down in South Australia which typically has a mediterranean climate...I reckon this year we did have a couple of hot ones...40C ish 104F and maybe a bit dry overall in comparison to other years but I didn't think it turned out particularly hot. I do remember saying we had a bit more rain than normal. Summer may have started out that way but finished a bit dry... Right now, we are and have been experiencing glorious weather Max 20C-30C 68F-86F during the days but could do with some rain. (At night please:) ) I wonder how others winters and summers faired? Cheers.
  6. Hi Super Stewie, I think you are overcomplicate this stage in your adventure... I have a suggestion....Why don't you read up on the principles of filtration in the first instance and get your head around that?..There are plenty of posts here on this forum which will help you...Just use the search function...I learnt a fair bit about filtration reading and communicating with Gary and Paul on Gary's mega bin system thread and building on my knowledge... Gary floats in from time to time now so he's around to help... Paul has moved on...There are other people around who I think will chime in if you ask... Once you get a solid grounding then get into the calculations if you wish to go down that path...iAVs uses a particular sand for it's media and Mark McMurtry has also moved on but he has given us reams of technical information if you wish to go that way... The good thing about aquaponics is it can be as involved as you want it to be...But...I would recommend getting your head around the basics first before upping the ante... So yeah I agree with Gary, Sort out in your head which way you want to go by answering those and a few more questions then learn the basic and off you go... I look forward to seeing what you build in the future..Please start a thread in the build section and keep us posted... We are here if you need... Good luck Cheers.
  7. Hi VKN, I read your posts and enjoy reading them...Keep up the good work and please keep posting... Cheers.
  8. Hi SS and welcome to APN, This addiction is great fun, but you need to go into it with your eyes open IMHO...I reckon, don't be fooled into thinking there is no cleaning nor maintenance of different sorts involved because there is...Take it from someone who is definitely lazy by nature in that area...You just have to do it...Get out there and regularly maintain the system after the build and you'll find it's not hard to have such an enjoyable and IMO addictive hobby...BTW Originally, I was looking at going into salt water aquariums, accidently stumbled on this forum, and since then, have never looked back... Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide to do... Cheers.
  9. Hi folks, What's with Donald Trump and his advisors? He wants to whack a 25 percent tax on all imported steel for the sake of a few american steel jobs???? How does that work? The battered stock market reacted negatively to this news. Whack a 25 percent tax on imported steel and what's the first thing steel suppliers in the U.S. will do? I'll answer that...They will increase the price of steel to the consumer...Let's talk about only one industry...The Automotive industry...What's going to happen to the price of producing cars? What are they going to do? So this will put the jobs of all those car workers at risk... OK lets take another industry...Construction....And on we go... And retaliatory measures will hurt... For a wealthy business man to think a tax like this will solve things, one wonders.... Hasn't he seen recent history when President Bush did the same and within 2 years the tax was removed? Anyway, I'm not involved in U.S politics...What do others think? Cheers
  10. That reminds me of the joke. A plane was about to crash there were 4 passengers on board but only 3 parachutes. The first passenger gets up and says 'I'm Steph Curry, the best NBA basketball player...The Warriors and my millions of fans need me I can't afford to die.".... He took the first pack and left the plane... The next passenger gets up and says "I'm Donald Trump, the newly elected U.S. President and I'm the smartest president in American history, my people don't want me to die"...He took the 2nd pack and jumped out the plane... The 3rd passenger, the Pope said to the 4th passenger, a 10 year old schoolboy" My son, I am old and don't have many years left, you have many mores years ahead of you, so I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute" The little boy said "That's OK your Holiness...There's a parachute for you....America's smartest president just took my school bag" Ande, You are onto the exact same stuff I'm on about Hey Rav, interesting list...I'm not so sure Donald Trump is particularly successful either, considering the silver spoon he had in his mouth growing up and upon his inheritance. Cheers..
  11. Hi Ande, Ha,ha,ha Very good, I don't even think this one is with China, although confusingly, Trump blames them Most of the imports come from Canada, Brazil and South Korea. Cheers.
  12. Hi Cecil, I've been a big fan Elon Musk and Tesla for quite a while now...They make lovely cars and off course a heap of other stuff...I like the way he presents his products, different in many ways to the way Steve Jobs used to present his products...maybe not as polished but very interesting in my book.... I did watch the Falcon Heavy Full launch live from my computer screen and for those who are interested... I think that's what you were getting at Cecil? Cheers.
  13. Hi Folks, I don't know much about U.S. politics so it's difficult for me to comment much, suffice to say I really do not understand them. I certainly do not understand why the majority of the U.S. people voted for Donald Trump. This time round I heard there was an shutdown but haven't bothered to follow it much or even think about it a great deal. I'm very disillusioned with Australian politics. We have the most anti worker government in power ever and what's worse, the alternative is no better. I have looked for years and seen bad things that could happen to Australia that even blind Freddie could see and no government or opposition did or will do anything to stop them. I don't think U.S. politics are any better so lately I've chosen to watch more educational programmes like Hogans Heroes instead I have noticed The U.S. have chosen to ignore potential flare ups around the world for decades. Think the Iranian hostage crisis and after, ignoring the treatment of the people of Iraq by it's leader. Afghanistan, the withdrawal of Russia and after the Taliban getting stronger and so on...Fast forward to the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq and the willingness of the U.S. and her allies to ignore North Korea. Even now whilst the U.S. are focusing on North Korea they ignore China. I can tell you, there is feeling in Australia that we are very vulnerable to invasion by a myriad of countries who envy us, and covert our land and resources. China has just about invaded Australia by owning almost every major producing industry, particularly produce and mining. I digress... "The Post" a Steven Spielberg film starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks looks like a good film to watch. I've heard a very detailed description of it by a friend who has gone to the cinemas and watched it. Cheers.
  14. That makes sense Cecil... I must admit. I did see how limp the fish was and thought to myself "gee wizz they must be a lazy fish" then thought nothing more of it. Cheers
  15. Hi jojo, Welcome to APN, Enjoy the journey... Cheers.
  16. Hi Craig and welcome to APN. Cheers.
  17. Hi Camic, I forgot to ask, Whats your ammonia level? Also to measure how much media you have in your grow bed, we also need the depth so how deep is it? Cheers.
  18. Great fish Ande. Gees that guy has got to be crazy swimming in that hey? The things people do to catch a great fish...:) Cheers
  19. Hi Camic, and welcome to APN. I hate it when things are not right so let's see if we can help. Lets get a peg in the ground first. Some pics and commentary of your system, plants and fish would be good. Whats your water readings? Tank temps? pH? Nitrites? Nitrates? Any extra filtration? How big are your grow beds? I'm thinking you need to find out whats wrong with your fish at first..I'm not big on this type of thing so I invite others who may know to participate in this discussion as well. I'd find out about your fish and treat, if needed, treat system accordingly, check the quality of your water, check out how much bio filtration you have, I'd suggest it's OK but we don't know yet. Also I'd suggest you may not have enough fish for your plants to get nutrients, but again we don't know until we find out how big your grow beds are. So, in summary, lets find out about your fish first treat them and your system if it needs it, then check your water and grow beds. Hang in there and keep at it, hopefully we can help you get your system up and running OK. Cheers.
  20. Stuff that Cecil! That's not my idea of fun...Mind you, I have not lived nor have I been brought up in the cold... I would prefer the heat. 40 C to - 25 C myself We're going for a top of 25 C - 77 F today with a minimum of 15 C - .59 F..Just perfect IMO I have noticed you guys are having a cold winter over there. On the opposite end of the scale,We have not really had a hot summer over here at all (quite pleasant actually) with only a handful of days getting over 40 C - 104 F. Cheers.
  21. Happy New Year everyone. Cheers.
  22. Merry Christmas Ande and all. Cheers.
  23. The fish don't know if they are Athur or Martha LOL... Just on water testing Bryan...I've found I need to test and log at least daily when cycling, then with the tanks cycled, maybe weekly or even two weekly if results allow...I found I only need to reach for the water test kit when I find an issue then I may test more frequently until the issue is solved then I stretch the timing out again. I look for visible differences also use my nose and ears, then if something doesn't smell or sound right I start to investigate. Cheers.
  24. Hi AT, My direct answer is not going to be helpful to you, but I'll try to expand. I've moved into a brand new house so ATM I don't have one running. When time permits I will though. These systems last as long as you want them to. If you are using gravel or clay or other course media, the media does eventually clog and you need to replace it. If you have no other filtration they do no not last as long as if you were to properly filter with MBBR, swirls or other filters. There is plenty of info on this forum about that if you use the search function. If you decide to do iAVs the correct sand is the key, no other filtration is required and it is not known how long the sand will last at this stage but all reports are substantially longer. If you want to see what I have done over the years use the search function and you may need to dig a little further into the archives. Lots of people have also posted their systems in the build section plus, we would like you to post your build as you go along your journey as well, this helps other future newbies and also helps the current community. Cheers.
  25. Mistake: Not being patient when doing first cycle and wanting to change the water because I thought the water readings were too high. Remedy: Posted everydays reading on the forum and told people what I wanted to do then listened to their advise, became patient and did not change the water. Cheers