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  1. Hi Mikkel, Yes there are plenty of places to go. Depends on how deep you wish to go. Just Google aquaponic forums, pick one or two have a look at them and see if they suit your "style" some you may like, some you may not. Later on, I would also have a look at some aquarium, RAS aquaculture, Koi and hydroponic places. Also, you may like to check out iAVs there is also an iAVs facebook site. When I started off I started here, PAP and BYAP but since then the landscape has changed and now there are some other things you can look at as well. Cheers
  2. Yes from personal experience. Also others personal experiences they have shared. And other things of course I mention reading up on this forum because we have plenty of information posted over the years which would be very useful to you, I would think. But...we can not repost everything so using the forums search facility is a good thing to do. Good luck and don't forget... Any questions you have, please do not hesitate to ask. There are always people around who are happy to help. Cheers
  3. Hi Mikkel and welcome to the forum. Search through this forum and there are plenty of threads and posts for you to learn from. Yes we have many challenges, in fact plenty of challenges as we go along. I will give you three challenges straight off the bat but it doesn't mean that they are in any priority of importance, nor do they exclude the myriad of other challenges. Learn the basics of aquaponics Learn how to design a correct system for you including running with the correct fish for you. Learn how to cycle your system correctly plus learning how to run/drive your system once cycled. Hope that "wets" your appetite Cheers.
  4. Yeah, I started....Got my bits and pieces ready...Got well into trying to find the correct sand, then hit stop...It's for the better... When I started iAVs... I aimed on continuing living where I am now but, since then I have put my energy into purchasing another property and will be living there after the middle of next month. I'll be mentioning all that on my thread next month. Until then, I won't be doing any other iAVs work. I'm still very interested in what you found and how you are treating it. As I say, thanks for posting I find it very interesting. Cheers.
  5. I really enjoyed your posts regarding this Aufin, Thanks for posting. Cheers
  6. Hi Zak, I would of expected the readings to be the other way around. The ammonia dropping makes sense and is how I would expect your cycling phase to be at this stage. I would of expected The Nitrites to be off the charts and the Nitrates to be at 5. If your nitrites are off the charts. I would do nothing ATM and they should come down soon. I'm not aware of high nitrites effecting your plants, so just be patient and do nothing apart from daily testing and logging. If your nitrates are off the charts and your ammonia and nitrites are at 5 you are further along the cycling stage but you still have not fully cycled, It's not until both the ammonia and nitrites get to 0 you have fully cycled. To lower the nitrates, I would plant more plants if you can so they can feed off the nitrates and lower them in your system. BTW what is your pH reading and tank temps? Cheers.
  7. Hi Colin Now that looks so good (apart from the olives lol) How long did he take to grow to that size? Cheers.
  8. Good to hear from you Colin, Love your setup, Nice to hear and see it's giving you a lot of satisfaction. The tomatoes look great and I bet they taste even better! My iVAs system is going to have to wait for a while, unfortunately. I have to spend a lot of time (and that is time I don't have ATM) trying to find the correct sand at the correct price and to date have failed. I may have to pay the $250.00 plus price tag per tonne the way things are going but I just don't want to do that, and I kind of think it's against the underlying iAVs principle of not spending a lot of money on components (I call sand a component lol) for this type of system. Inexpensive and simple are my thoughts on this. When and if I find the correct type of sand I'll post it so you and others won't have the trouble I have. Hopefully I'l get somewhere. I've tried quarries who don't sell less than 8 tonne orders, the places they suggest I go and those places don't understand the CS 33 specs so I go looking in the yards and can't find the sand pure enough and coarse (or fine) enough. I did find a mob in prospect or thereabouts who promised to get back to me but have not after 6 months they are a mob a civil engineering friend suggested I use. so yeah, a little frustrating but not giving up just have to find the time now. One thing I might do is to ring Gary's suggestion of Riverside sands in Brisbane and ask them if they know of similar people to them in Adelaide. Cheers.
  9. Hi Waldsworld, Welcome to APN. Cheers
  10. Hi Dave, Welcome back mate, I hope your retirement proves to be enjoyable for you. Do you still have your Beema? I fully understand the time issue. I'm sure you'll post when you can. I've enjoyed your previous projects you have shared and I look forward to reading about your future solar, crayfish and what other projects you wish to share with us. Cheers.
  11. Hi Aswin, Also, see below presentation. Where it asks "Would you like to continue where you left off?" Press the No button to allow presentation to occur. Cheers
  12. Hi AquaAura, Interesting thread, My work has has 2 significant fish ponds lining each side of a grand entrance to reception. In those fish ponds we have a large number of goldies and water lilies. I love water lilies and often think it would be nice to do something like that at home. But I can't ATM, don't have enough room. A few years ago I asked the question about growing non fruiting plants and most people on the forums said they prefered to grow things you could eat, so this thread is of interest to me. One concern I would have is if you were to grow any plant that would produce toxic chemicals into the water of an RAS and the effect that would have on your fish. That is the only concern I can see. Anyway, I like this thread and your story so far. I look forward to following it. Cheers.
  13. Hi Nate, IMO, I would need more info to comment further. I think you may need to strengthen things up but I'm not confident about that yet Could you give us a side view of the whole system and point out where this issue is please? Cheers.
  14. Hi Zak, and welcome to APN, Just a question, I'm looking at your sand bagging and can see how you can access your right hand side ank middle right tanks for cleaning and maintenance,but how can you access the left hand side tanks? Cheers.
  15. You have to like him indeed and....I can relate to the P/O regarding that tie...With a new tie or one where you don't know where to start it can take a few tries to get the length right hey? lol