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  1. Cecil

    Only if you're interested, if you want to figure out how large a box four of the egg hatching trays would fit into, and a ball park weight, I would be happy to pre-pay shipping plus more to make it worth your while if shipping isn't too high. Most likely whatever shipping is would still be cheaper than buying them brand new. I assume you are talking Marisource or similar egg vertical incubation hatching trays?  Thanks!

    1. phri


      Sorry that's a misunderstanding, I have those horizontal "old style" raceway tanks with hatching trays.

      I don't think shipping is a viable option, these tanks are like 3.5 meter long and build from fiberglass/resin. I am shipping from the us sometimes and the freight is shocking; 3 months ago I paid US $350 for freight for a small adjustable bar grader; viable as none in the country at that time and client had 100,000 fingerlings of a cannibalistic species hammering each other. 

    2. Cecil


      Yes I misunderstood no problem. And yes shipping is crazy for something like that. However I am lucky I can buy the horizontal raceways from a company in Florida USA (Pentair/AES) with free shipping on orders over $50.00. If one has to pay shipping here many times the shipping is just as much or more than the tank! 

  2. Cecil

    Hey Andy,

    Here's a cast of one of your European perch (Perch fluviatilis) that I assembled and painted as an American yellow perch (Perca  flavescens).

    18 inches (45.72 cm). 



    1. ande


      Nice,  :bow:

       Where I fish them 8-10 inches is big, 12-14 huge and 18 unheard of


    2. Cecil


      Must be too cold up your way? I've heard of some really big ones in Russian and Eastern Europe. 


  3. Cecil

    Any words of encouragement for nitrites that don't seen to want to go back to zero? 

    The tank was previously cycled, and even when temps were allowed to drop to 18 C. the bacteria did just fine with additions of ammonia on a regular basis. However now at 12 to 13 C.  it keeps creeping up unless I add a nitrite neutralizer twice a day. 

    Do I need to just be patient?

    There is plenty of surface area (4 cubic feet of plastic media) and aeration. 

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    2. Cecil


      Actually load regarding feed was nil until now. Trout alevins were not fed but were living off of their yolk sacs. I am now getting swimming up fry so I'm feeding them small amounts of fry powder about 8 X daily. Still doesn't amount to much. 

      Filter 2/3's full with 4 cubic feet of media. Should be plenty even in cold water. 

      Have been running NACL at about 0.2 percent to protect the fish.  

      Nitrites do rise even with the treatment to about 1.0 mg/l. My concern is that trout are supposed to be more sensitive to nitrites than any other species. 

    3. phri


      Ok, thus relative small volumes with low load and probably sensitive fish.

      I would keep salt up, and exchange water maybe 2 X a day till filter does it thing. I would prefer that over using nitrite neutralizer.

      Most commercial farms will run such systems in complete flow-through and not recirculate at all.

    4. Cecil


      Nitrites were at zero this morning! Granted I did a 40 percent water change yesterday afternoon, but when I did that before, I still had nitrites the next morning. I'm cautiously optimistic.
      I also slowed down the tumbling of the plastic media in the moving bed tank yesterday, started feeding some swim up fry, and stopped adding nitrifying neutralizing compound. Perhaps those were factors?
      And or the addition of phosporhic acid is a factor?
      I guess the problem with the shotgun approach to solving a problem is you never know which solution solved the problem or if it was all of the above or some of the above. That said I'm cautiously optimistic and don't care as long as the nitrites stay at zero on the API scale!
  4. Keith,

    I'm so sorry be so late in responding to you. I have many irons in the fire including now president of my state aquaculture association. I just haven't come on here much lately and just notices your message today. Anyway although I'm sure it's to late but here is the answer to your question:

    I dip the fish in saltwater strength water with uniodized table salt. It comes out to 1.25 lbs. per 5 gallons of water.