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  1. On a funny note was doing a presentation several years ago when I was president of my state aquaculture association. One guy from Purdue made the comment, "We heard you don't do much in aquaculture." Kind of insulting but I'm sure it originally came from one of the academics there. Ironically my fish prices are second only to high end koi farms in Japan. I may not have the numbers but I get at least $40.00 each for my fish going up to $250.00. I run out of trout in a few weeks.
  2. There is some amazing work out there but a lot of stuff that makes one cringe when one sees it. I do a fair amount of repainting of other's work that is pretty dismal.
  3. I'm surprised it's not higher. We have people here that are too lazy to learn or know the facts. They're in their own little world. Knowledge of world geography outside of their county is even more dismal. You can't blame it on the educational system. These people are willfully ignorant.
  4. Btw a friend of mine married a girl from Harrisville.
  5. I'm familiar with Harrisville. Did my first Rock N Roll gig (Garage band) there as a lead singer back in 1977 I believe it was. Graduated from ACC up the road in Alpena in 1978. Are you familiar with the Cedar Brook Trout Farm there run by Jerry Kahn?
  6. Oops! I guess I wasn't paying attention!
  7. But I refuse to pay $400.00 a year to hotlink my pictures on websites. I'm in the process of finding another site I can use. I have no problem paying a fee to do so, just won't be held at ransom and pay $400.00 with only a couple days notice. If you're not sure what I'm talking about: https://petapixel.com/2017/07/01/photobucket-just-broke-billions-photos-embedded-web/
  8. Crappies stopped feeding in the floating cage. No idea why. No morts. Have released them free into the same holding pond along with a some bluegill in the same size range. It's hoped they will feed along with the bluegills on the surface of the pond. I've seen some bluegills feeding on the pellets but no crappies yet. I noticed some small toad tadpoles in the cage. Could have started feeding on those?
  9. Penair Aquatic Ecoystems has them too. Pentair is worldwide. http://pentairaes.com/?gclid=CP_zjtfz3dQCFZCLswodImoNkg
  10. A brown from the same pond: Caught, weighed, and released more trout from the pond in an attempt to get an average weight to determine feeding amounts. Came up with an average weight of 3.48 oz and 152.25 pounds. Turns out I have actually been feeding less than the prescribed amount or I have less numbers than I thought.
  11. They are running 7 to 9 inches. Went down to the pond with a fly rod and caught 4 brook trout (Savelinus fontinalis) and 2 tiger trout (Salmo trutta X Salvelinus fontinalis) to check on growth. I have about 700 in the pond that are feeding like gangbusters twice a day. There are brown trout present but didn't catch any. Probably because it was a bright sunny day and brown trout are notorious for preferring low light conditions. Also more difficult to catch than the aforementioned species. That means the largest ones are growing about 1.5 inches a month which is max growth for trout according to one text I have. That means I could have 15 inch trout by fall and not even a year old yet. no doubt my water temp is a big factor as it tops out in the upper 50's to very low 60's which is at the top end of trout metabolism. A diffuser I use keeps the water temp the same from top to bottom in the 10 to 12 feet of water maximum depth. I have however been warned by one hatchery manager not to push them to hard, and that if I feed them more than they need I run into the danger of fatty livers which makes them sensitive to any environmental issues or handling and could expire easily. Going to get an average weight and with the numbers I believe I have start following feeding chart guidelines. Will be adding either paprika or astaxanthin to their feed to start coloring them up. Here's a tiger trout: And one of the brook trout:
  12. Was in the state of Massachusetts, USA recently on vacation. It's considered a "liberal" state and has lots of "democrats" vs. "republicans." I do know it has no shortage of regulations. That said, i saw free roaming chickens (no roosters) within city limits in a town that was near the lake cottage I was on. And this was a very upscale town with high valve property. If Massachusetts can do it maybe Texas can?
  13. I saw an episode of Dirty Jobs where Mike Rowe was helping with rounding up chickens in the city limits of some Florida town. They were basically strays and the roosters were waking people up at the crack of dawn among other things. Probably not popular with folks that work odd hours. Gary if you haven't heard of this series its' where a guy name Mike Rowe goes out and helps do jobs that the average person would not want any part of. It can be quite comical.
  14. You are not alone Gary. I'm hoping the s***t will hit the fan this week with testimony of the former FBI director Comey and NSA director Mike Rodgers. That said, as the resident of a state that had Mike Pence as a governor (the present VP and person that would take Trump's place) he's just as incompetent and ruinous, but just in a different way. He was so unpopular in my state he knew if he ran for governor again he would probably not win. That's really bad for a guy whose party controls the state.
  15. Gary, However if I heard it right we can't really pull out until 2020, which is time for the next presidential election. Apparently the pullout is mostly political so the candidate can say he fulfilled a campaign promise? Yep I heard it right: http://ktla.com/2017/06/01/u-s-withdrawal-from-paris-agreement-on-climate-change-wouldnt-be-complete-till-2020/
  16. That's quite a fish trap!
  17. starting next year. Need to do some serious catch up work in my fish taxidermy business first. Been spending too much time with the live fish! I see many advantages: 1. More control in success rate and numbers. And although I don't need high numbers for my niche market I do find the hits and misses of fertilizing a pond and depending on the weather getting old. 2. Less labor. The seining of the ponds to remove fish can be a pain in the ass and is not 100 percent successful. Some species like tilaipa are very good at evading nets. 3. No dealing with unwanted macrophyte growth as in the ponds that makes seining difficult. Also no chemicals need to be purchased or used. 4. Can use the ponds has holding ponds for broodfish swimming free or in floating cages. Separate sexes. I.e. male crappies with male bluegills with make yellow perch in one pond. Females of all species in another pond. Broodfish can be removed via hook and line as not many are needed. Disadvantages: 1. Will need to produce a live source of feed for fry before feed training for a few of the species I culture. 2. More tanks etc.need and some intensive labor initially vs. letting fry fend on their own in the outdoor ponds feeding on naturally produced food. 3. Some species may be difficult to spawn in a tank. OTOH it can definitely be done. There will be a learning curve although I plan on using all resources I can to learn from other's mistakes. Thoughts?
  18. Progressive is the wrong word to use in Texas. LOL I support the bill.
  19. Cool device! Have you considered one of these for automatically backing up your AC? I have one at home and two at two high schools. I found a place on line to calculate run time based on the number of batteries wired in parallel. Gives me piece of mind when I am away or in bed at night. I've never been let down. I saw a few bad reviews but as usual it looked like the people didn't know what they were doing. I guess nothing is idiot proof. https://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-APS750-Inverter-Charger/dp/B0007PGAG6/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495886070&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=Triplite+APS+750+inverter
  20. I saw the funniest thing driving by a farm with goats. It had poured rain earlier and the goats were in a shed. As I drove by a soaked one popped his head and and looked up at the sky. As if to say, "does it look like it's going to rain again?" I've thought about getting a goat or two to keep some of my pond banks trimmed. Anybody have any suggestions on what kind? I don't want them to reproduce so may a couple of males?
  21. Good to see Brian! Haven't followed you on Pond Boss since I got banned temporarily. Have no interest in going back as I've gone in a completely different direction than recreational ponds. And the constant trolling of my threads got old too. Then to get banned for that didn't make much sense. The crazy thing was I was told by a mod to ignore the individual. That just made him mad. I tried to be nice and did not respond in kind. That worked for a while, but then he went ballistic when I did the thread on getting crappies from a local lake for brood stock. Said it was illegal blah blah blah. Had that from the director of my DNR. Absolutely not true. I'm even sharing my success with local biologists. My feed trained crappies were moved to an outside floating cage from the RAS. I'm going on vaca in a few weeks and don't want my 81 year old dad stressed by any issues that could come up in the RAS. I think I have about 75 very healthy crappies in the 5 to 6 inch range. I think they would have been bigger if I had not had so many fathead minnows competing in the pond I hatched them in. And I took them out really late in the year. (Live and learn). They are mixed with bluegills in a cage, but I think I'm going to separate them. Bluegills can be very aggressive. At least that has been my experience. I hope to post pictures in a different thread today if you're interested. My two cameras have gone kaput but I can use the wife's cell phone camera. Keep up the good work!
  22. It was Menards in Goshen, IN. Was at least 6 years ago so hopefully they have not changed suppliers, which is common for big box stores. It came in 6 foot wide rolls IIRR. OTOH, I'm not convinced roofing EPDM in general is toxic, and isn't the same as the stuff sold by pond suppliers. Perhaps some of the pond suppliers don't want you to purchase it cheaper elsewhere? God knows some of them have some serious markups especially in the aeration systems. In the least some scrubbing might be done to play it safe. I did recently purchase a piece 15ft. X 15ft. 45 mil of EPDM for ponds from Ebay to line my well pit, and it was reasonable with free shipping at $185.72.
  23. I bought some roofing EPDM from a local big box store a few years ago and it had in white letters, "Safe for Aquatic Use."
  24. The trout I hatched back in December apear to be definitely in the 5 inch range. This one is a brook trout. The pond also has brown and tiger trout. I may have seen a brown trout that was larger. I should be able to get another 5 inches or more on them by the time the pond water temps are so low in late fall to winter growth will be negligible. I'm hoping I can get my trout to harvest size of 4 to 5 pounds in two years vs. my three years previously. Previously I was purchasing them as yearlings at 6 to 8 inches. These are only a few months old and already almost 6 inches. I'm planning on hatching eggs again in the fall and putting them into a floating raceway in the pond in the spring to separate them from the larger fish. This way I can have fish of harvest size on an annual basis vs. every two or three years as previously as I had to completely start over.