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  1. Ande, I am quite aware as my parents and my sister walk two small lap dogs on a daily basis on my property. All our dogs here are walked on a lease and the traps have a bright red flag near them to mark where they are. Everyone stays clear of the traps. Any other dog or cat that comes onto the property is either a feral cat or a dog someone does not have restrained which they are supposed to by law. No liability on my property. BTW all my traps are inside tubes or boxes. Even the small lap dogs would have trouble getting to them.
  2. First saw this large mink come out from under a pier while walking the dog after the dog discovered his scent under the pier and started nosing around. Unfortunately was helpless to do anything about it as the gun was in the house. Watched him swim the length of a pond and disappear. Started setting traps and it's been like the cartoon the Willey Coyote and the Road Runner. Bait taken, trap not tripped. Bait gone and trap tripped with no mink. And one of the latest a live trap apparently trapped the mink but he chewed his way out. We are talking steel wire here! You can see in the photo where he left some of his fur. To the left and down is an opening created by chewing and bending the wire that cage is made of. Not shown to the left of that is an outward bulge created by the mink. This is one mean character to chew through metal! Latest saga is when he came running out of a burn pile I started burning. I thought I was ready for him as I brought out the shotgun just in case he came running out from under the pile as I set it a blaze. Sure enough it happened while I was distracted lightng the pile in strong winds. However the shotgun was not really close as I didn't want it to get burned. By the time I got to the gun and drew a bead on the animal is was half way across the pond on the ice and I only succeeded to blow hole in the pier! He proceeded to go into a drain tile that was blocked on the other end. Sure thing now right? Set a trap at the opening and he had to go through it right? Came back the next day and the trap was tripped with no mink ... again!
  3. You are correct! Changed it! Ande your grasp of the English language amazes me!
  4. Wiley, Thanks for the response and the link. I've been watching for sign in the snow and on the ice and no tracks. We are due for a spring thaw in a week or two so I will be on the look out. I'm gong to probe for old muskrat openings in the bank and set traps in front of them all. Maybe I'll get a mink along with my baited land traps?
  5. No worries Mexico is going to pay for it. "Trust me."
  6. Two more people in the WH resigned due to abuse against women allegations. "Show me your friends and I'll show you who you are." Trump says they are entitled to due process. What does he know about due process? He shoots his mouth off all the time accusing people of things without even a scintilla of evidence. I.e. Obama wasn't born in the U.S., the five blacks accused of assaulting a woman in NYC"s Central Park are guilty even though the DNA didn't match up and someone else confessed to it later, all his false allegations about Hillary Clinton with no proof, and as of late his tirade on Senator Al Franken. And don't forget he came to phedophile Moore's defense. The double standards and hypocrisy are astounding, but then what do we expect of a sociopathic serial liar who really isn't that smart?
  7. You can't make this stuff up: https://www.progressiveliberal.net/devin-nunes-wall-democrats/
  8. Looks like agreement is going out the window to today in the congress. Could be another shutdown?
  9. The economy was already in an upswing before Trump came into office. Don't believe me? Here: The economy of 2017 actually lags behind the economy of 2016. Don't believe me? Here ya go. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/12/08/569370879/november-jobs-report-economy-adds-228-000-jobs-unemployment-steady Same for the stock market having gone up steadily for several years now. That was easy. Sorry debating politics is one of my hobbies. You're just repeating talking points.
  10. Well we are closer now to a Hitler or a Civil war Ravnis. We have a president that would love to be a dictator and acts like one at times. And he's very good at inciting hostility and violence. HIs party will not rebuke anything he does because party comes before country. As far as the churches I was livid the last presidential election. Churches are supposed to stay out of politics to keep their tax free status. I saw several church yards in my area that had political signs for one particular candidate. Got an email once from a deacon at a Catholic church I once attended that basically told me who I should vote for in a subtle way. I read him the riot act and told him never to send me an email again.
  11. Hogans's Heroes is a great show. Did you know Schultz was actually Jewish? I think Hogan's Heroes was a way to get back at the Germans by Jewish producers, as it sure made the German war machine during WWII look like putzes. Unfortunately they were anything but.
  12. Got to speak with Bobby Glennon biologist at Malone and Sons fish farm in Lonoke, AR USA. This is where a significant amount of research has been done on hybrid crappies both by the hatchery and by a university. Great person to talk to btw and not only does he know his stuff, he is professional, polite, and was happy to answer my questions. Wish I could say the same for some others in the aquaculture field both farmers and academics. It appeared to me there was a contradiction with the sexes used of each species as the SCRAC pub says to use female black crappie and male white crappie, but Malone and Sons lists along with Mississippi Game and Parks lists the opposite. Bobby told me they prefer the White female but getting them in sync with the blacks wasn't that easy and the black crappie female worked just fine. He also said research elsewhere has shown F1 recruitment is so poor for just the hybrid crappies, Malone and Sons no longer goes to the trouble of producing triploids. It's just not needed and it's tough to get the numbers they need producing just triploids.
  13. I've definitely decided to produce feed trained hybrid crappies (Pomoxis nigromaculatus X Pomoxis annularis) this spring. Produced black crappies (Pomoxis nigromaculatus) previously, but albeit they are feed trained I'm not that impressed with their condition factors and growth. And I've come to the realization that the really monster size crappies I get in to mount as a fish taxidermist are natural hybrids. It seems 100 percent of the 17 to 21 inch crappies I get in are natural hybrids. Literature says the hybrids grow faster the first two years also. My black crappies are inside in an RAS but probably won't have the correct photoperiod and temps to use as broodfish, and I'm really not set up to produce those parameters. So will get my female black crappies from a local natural lake as in before and I have access to a reservoir a couple of hours away I will catch my white crappies (Pomoxis annularis) males from. Would like to do manual spawning indoors, start on rotifers graduating to artemis and then feed train all in a tank, but don't really have the tank space. So will plant 5 to 10 broodfish in a fertilized 1/10th acre pond and let them do their thing. Five male white crappies and five female black crappies. Unlike with the previous black crappies I will NOT add fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) for the broodstock. They ended up competing with the crappie fry! Here's a great publication to read if this interests you: https://srac.tamu.edu/serveFactSheet/277
  14. Wow my apologies. I just saw this post. Not sure how I missed it. I'm sure it's too late but here goes: How large are the sponge filters? I personally would recommend a separate moving bed filter which self cleans itself as I can see a sponge filter getting clogged and less effective even with the air. But I could be wrong. From my experience having a filter right in with the fish is asking for clogging. Center drain is good the less labor the better. However any time you have a pump in the fish water you run the risk of not removing waste as efficiently as gravity. Coppernose bluegills may only be 6 or 7 inches by November if they aren't all males. Is that big enough? Can't comment on the homemade feed as I have no experience there. Prefer to use commercial feed that I know has all the vitamins and minerals and is convenient.
  15. Ravis, I'm worried about this country (USA) as it appears the divide into two partisan tribal camps has become worse than ever. Our congress critters have become totally dysfunctional, and one party keeps propping up a president that is a national disgrace because apparently party comes before country. Contrary to what he thinks, our president couldn't deal his way out of a wet paper bag, has no leadership skills, and the constant bald face lies from he and his camp are so common place it appears they are becoming the norm. The bar is set so low with our current president one could stub their toe on it. Putin must be laughing so hard his sides are hurting at what a useful idiot Trump has become. And yes "useful idiot" is in the KGB manual for subverting governments.
  16. -13 Fahrenheit (-25 C.) Too cold to even make ice fishing fun!
  17. Ande, Pike are very active under the ice. They can really take line too. Sometimes they spawn while there is still ice on a lake.
  18. I think the fish is almost dead and was held in the hole in the picture. Just out of the picture is another hole the guy dives in and comes up into the adjacent hole in the picture. Obviously not a capture by hand and for those of us that know anything about Esox Lucius you don't want to get anywhere near the mouth of an active fish. I have had them purposely try and snap at me. Very nasty teeth in their mouths including teeth that are curved back to hold onto their prey and can do a number on flesh or fingerings.
  19. Nice Esox but I've see enough of them to know it's not 39 lbs. Mind if I share that video?
  20. Caught and released 10 or 12 brook trout, and two tigers the other day to determine growth and health. No browns but they are in the pond. Brooks were 12 to almost 13 inches and the two tigers were in the 11 inch range. These fish are 8 months old. I have included pictures of a tiger trout (brown trout X brook trout) and a brook trout including the beautiful dorsal markings of one of the tigers.
  21. It's -6 F. today (-21.1 C.) this morning and the snow cover is not showing any mink activity nor are there any hits on the new "cubby" traps I built and baited with salmon. Maybe too cold for even mink to move?