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  1. Joe, Thanks for the reply. It's definitely a possibility that oxygen goes down as the fish load increases. The system I use for the fish other than the trout hatching and rearing consists of a circular tank with a bottom center drain that I can pull a knife gate valve on the floor to flush any wastes around it due to the diffuser mounted above the bottom drain that pushes water up and down the sides of the circular tank and back to the drain area. My solids filter consists of a 55 gallon blue drum packed with netting that captures solids via a 2 inch PVC siphon into it from the fish tank which of course runs continuously. A small mag drive pump that sits on top of the filler material pumps water to another 55 gallon blue drum (moving bed biofilter), which consists of a membrane diffuser in the bottom center that constantly moves plastic media up the center of the drum back down the sides. This overflows back into the fish tank to complete the cycle. I change about 50 gallons of water whenever I drain the solids filter drum to facilitate hosing off fish wastes off of the netting. Depending on the fish load and size his can be as little as once a week to once every few days.
  2. Turns out Mr. Osprey had to give it a try out of desperation and got tangled in the line. Fortunately I was able to get him out uninjured and he hasn't been back since. Probably due to the bad experience. I was also told he would migrate south some October and he probably did. The lines are definitely going back up in the spring!
  3. by running monofilament fishing line marked with orange duck tape tabs over he water and criss crossing it with other line. Seems to have done the job as they have left it alone.
  4. I bought 3000 eggs which is their minimum. 1000 each, brook, brown, and tiger trout. The eggs and overnight FedEx shipping was under $300.00.
  5. They can and will physically ship the eggs Fed Ex anywhere in the U.S. The problem is you have to have permission from your Fish & Game department. May be O.K. if kept inside? I know a guy in Michigan though that was requited to destroy the char as he didn't get permission. There is also a minimum size order. If you want trout eggs either diploid or triploid brook, brown, or tigers this is where I get my eggs (with permission from my DNR). https://coldspringstroutfarm.com/activities/category/trout-egg-sales/
  6. Trout Lodge sells Arctic char eggs. https://www.troutlodge.com/en/
  7. BTW that whole deep state thing is just what it sounds like - a conspiracy theory. I can't believe you buy into it. Sounds like something Sean Hannity cooked up who is the biggest douche bag next to Trump. The man laughs all the way to the bank as he just makes stuff up for gullible people to buy into to keep his ratings up.
  8. O.K. lets forget about personal. Lets talk about skills that are needed as president of the United States. He has poor leadership skills, he hires people that don't remotely have the prerequisites for the job, and he doesn't even have the balls to fire people in person. And then there's the lack of self discipline. He can't keep his trap shut on Twitter regardless of the harm it will do to him and the country. And his word can't be trusted as he changes his mind faster than a speeding ticket. These are not qualities we want in a president! HIs most admired leaders in the world are dictators - Putin and Erdogan. You can shout constitution all you want but Trump would do away with it if he could. As far as the FBI, it's very telling that they were well respected by the right until Trump came along and they started investigating potential collusion with Russia. All of a sudden they were the bad guys. Trump doesn't make a pimple on Mueller's ass, and he sure didn't serve his country when asked to while Mueller was distinguishing himself in Vietnam in the Marine Corps. You should at least respect Mueller for his service as you are a marine vs. a rich brat whose daddy kept hm from serving. Can you answer me a question? If Obama would have done half of what Trump has done and said, wouldn't you be screaming from the roof tops! Be honest!
  9. I raise tilapia and other species in indoor recirculating systems in my basement. This year it's been much cooler than normal outside so I haven't removed them from their winter indoor tank and liberated them into my outdoor ponds for weed control yet. The other day the wife and I noticed the house smelled and I traced it to the tilapia tank in the basement. I don't believe I've had this issue with my other species or it may be a matter of the fish load in the tilapia tank which is quite high. Did a major water change of both my basement tanks (other tank has black crappie and bluegills) and cleaned the respective filters although I clean the mechanical filters on a weekly basis. Odor has gone away at least for the time being.
  10. Obama and Trump are the same? WTF?! What are you smoking? Did Obama get married 4 X because he cheated on every wife including the present one? Did Obama brag about "grabbing pussy" and is being sued by countless women for sexual assault? Did just about every cabinet member and aid around him either resign, been fired, or been indicted under Obama? Did Obama brag about how great he is from day one? Did Obama appoint people to positions that are totally unqualified or just family members? Did Obama change his mind ever 24 hours on major decisions or praise a man that was responsible for hacking into our government and meddling in our election? As far as you can keep your doctor comment I'm not sure I see that is a lie. You see rather than depend on Fox News to tell me it was a lie, I know numerous folks that are on the PPACA (Obama Care) and none of them lost their doctor. Not one. The economy never took off under Obama? Absolutely untrue. He started his term after one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression and it only got better as it was near rock bottom. The following graph shows that. Just because the blowhard in chief takes all the credit doesn't make it so. https://www.factcheck.org/2017/09/obamas-final-numbers/ Trump has nothing to do with "little rocket man" working with South Korea. It's the South Koreans that are doing all the heavy lifting and Trump just yells stupid threats from the sidelines and takes credit.
  11. I would assume anything on the web can be more easily hacked? That's how Russian hackers got into power plants etc here in the U.S.
  12. Wife says: 1. Don't use one that is only web based. 2. Buy a program that you download and keep on your computer. 3. Wife really likes one called 1Password that's available for Mac, Apple, and phones.
  13. I wish I could help but I'm nowhere near an expert in this bigdaddy. I'll ask the wife and her colleague at school as they know a lot about this kind of thing.
  14. I have tilapia in my basement tank that I never heat in the winter anymore. It's cool enough down there I have to wear a sweater when I work in the taxidermy shop. Unfortunately my temp gauge is no longer accurate, but the water definitely feels cool to the touch. I'm guesstimating lower 60's F. Fish feed well once a day.
  15. We are going into spring up here in the northern hemisphere as you are going into fall. Just curious what your summer was like. Above average temps, or below? Precipitation above or below? Just like the last few years our spring doesn't want to come. Below average temps and some places are getting record spring snowfalls. ?