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  1. Now Maria is the concern.
  2. Thanks. Irma as you know is now the next nightmare.
  3. Around $20.00 per pound. Rarely trout sold under 4 lbs. Another species the bluegill (Lepomis macrochiris) gets double or more than that because it weighs much less. Also less overhead than the trout.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Tiger Trout: Cross between a female brown trout and a male brook trout. All trout sell for too much to eat! Minimum of $40.00 U.S. dollars each! Average is twice that by next fall.
  5. Caught and released 10 or 12 brook trout, and two tigers the other day to determine growth and health. No browns but they are in the pond. Brooks were 12 to almost 13 inches and the two tigers were in the 11 inch range. These fish are 8 months old. I have included pictures of a tiger trout (brown trout X brook trout) and a brook trout including the beautiful dorsal markings of one of the tigers.
  6. Wow! During 13 days in 2008, one Osprey flew 2,700 miles—from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, to French Guiana, South America
  7. Osprey never came back. Maybe he will show up at the next solar eclipse here in 2024 if he's still alive. LOL
  8. New bird showed up at the peak of the solar eclipse. Osprey aka Fish Hawk. Hopefully passing through as I did not see it at all today.
  9. Thanks. I will look into that for next year. In actuality it would not have to be over the entire pond. Just out a few feet from the edges and out over the water would work as these birds do not land in the water but wade in. That said it would have to be set up where they can't stand on the netting to fish over the edge. So perhaps it would be better and easier to just cover the pond. I had a bird one night in another pond standing on an extension cord to a night light that was used to attract yellow perch fry for feed training. These birds are really amazingly intelligent!
  10. I've thought of that. How difficult would it be to get it really taunt over the pond without it falling into the water? The pond is 59 by 85 feet. I'd actually prefer to do that if it was effective vs. killing them.
  11. Form 37 is on it's way to apply toward a state permit and then the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Permit. Will be running off the birds for couple more weeks. If I could just have a man to bird talk with them to tell them my patience is running out and things could get dicy for them...
  12. I figured at 700 trout if I sell them all at $40.00 minimum (they usually go for more) I've got $28,000 worth of fish in that 1/10th acre pond. I will be moving most of them this fall into a much larger pond. So much for "I hear you don't do much in aquaculture." Got a couple of Great Blue Herons hanging around the pond even with running them off with bottle rockets and staked lines around the pond. I saw one with a trout in his mouth as I ran him off. I hate killing things but I've done everything non-lethally possible to discourage them. Looks like a permit from U.S. Fish & Wildlife for $100.00 to take a couple out is my last option. What a shame but I have to protect my investment. The profit will be my new pole building in a year or two.
  13. Well their teats are pink. Maybe they start out as strawberry? :-)
  14. On a funny note was doing a presentation several years ago when I was president of my state aquaculture association. One guy from Purdue made the comment, "We heard you don't do much in aquaculture." Kind of insulting but I'm sure it originally came from one of the academics there. Ironically my fish prices are second only to high end koi farms in Japan. I may not have the numbers but I get at least $40.00 each for my fish going up to $250.00. I run out of trout in a few weeks.
  15. There is some amazing work out there but a lot of stuff that makes one cringe when one sees it. I do a fair amount of repainting of other's work that is pretty dismal.