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  1. Identification thanks to others and comparing pictures, I havefigured out they're Eisenia Hortensis. As far as their role in vermicomposting. There's some debate, however the general consensus is that they will work. Many people claim that they reproduce slower and are not as efficient at processing waste, other studies show otherwise. My aquaponics system is so small it really wouldn't be a big burden on the worm bin if I supplement the fish's diet with them.
  2. thanks for all the good information I've done way more research recently than I thought I would ever have done on worms.. It seems that the variety I got are not the red wigglers but will still work for vermicomposting and will make great feed for my fish after they start reproducing. They do reportedly grow slower, however they grow to a larger size. I can take the trade off as I want the larger worms anyways for fishing and feeding to my fish. I've read that the true red wigglers are actually really difficult to place on a hook. As for placing in my grow bed, I will definitely do this. Many people in several articles have pointed out that these worms won't leave a food source, so as long as my grow bed is somewhat established I'm good to go.
  3. Looks like you're right Ravnis, they look like Eisenia Hortensis or European night crawlers. The information on the web is mixed, however many people claim that they can be used for vermicomposting and they do seem to like my veggie scraps. I guess I will throw a few in my grow beds when they get going.
  4. I think I'll keep them in my compost bin and out of the grow bed for now. Can anyone ID those worms? They look similar to the pictures of red wigglers I've seen, just not sure - the container was labeled big reds.
  5. They were only three dollars at the bait shop. I think that they are red wigglers: As they reproduce I may just take some from the compost and supplementally feed to the fish as a treat. I don't really want them crawling out of my hydroton as my setup is indoors...
  6. I've started a vermicomposting bin and got the idea to feed the worms to my fish. Has anyone tried this?
  7. Thanks, I really spent a lot of time planning, which is starting to pay off when everything just starts fitting together - and works perfectly.
  8. After reading your whole thread I'm a little worried that I will end up turning my whole house into an aquaponics system. I've already started planning an outdoor system complete with greenhouse... I suppose I still should get my first system up and running before I start remodeling the whole house. Thanks for the pictures and information, I've learned a lot from reading what you've done.
  9. Made some more progress tonight. Got the second grow bed built, complete with bell siphon. Then I hooked everything up and gave it a go. It's a little loud when the drains start going. It floods and drains perfectly, can't wait to get some hydroton in there. I think I'm going to add some clay pots, fake aquarium plants and rock to the fish tank. Next big step is to get the lights, I'm going to take my time though - I will probably let the tank cycle for another month or so. I want to make sure there's enough beneficial bacteria going before I start adding livestock.
  10. Got my stand built: It isn't pretty, but it was cheap and is very sturdy. Good thing it's in a spare bedroom. My initial plan was to just use one grow bed in the same direction as the fish tank, however it looks like two will fit perfectly side by side. Next step will be to cut and fit a plywood base for the grow beds to sit on and finish the plumbing. I've been running an air stone in the fish tank for a few days now. Can't wait to get the whole system running and cycling. I was thinking of heading down to the bait shop to get a half scoop of crappie minnows to help the cycle along. The minnows wouldn't be in there for more than a couple days anyways as I hope to get out ice fishing soon. good or bad idea?
  11. I probably should go with the outlet. I just bought a male and female connection, then siliconed it to either side of the container. It clamped down well, the seal is pretty tight but I should use something with a bit wider surface connection.
  12. Made a little more progress tonight. I upgraded the air stone and finished the bell siphon. Testing this thing was fun: The grow bed fills about half way and then drains almost completely. I can't believe how well this thing works. A also drilled a small hole at the bottom of the standpipe, in case I lose power before the auto siphon begins, let me know what you think. I might pick up the PVC for my frame tomorrow. I still need to do some more sketches to figure out how much I will need though.
  13. Thanks, my system is coming along nicely thanks to this forum.
  14. I'll have to look into that, we should move this conversation elsewhere. I think we're a bit off topic. Don't want to cloud up the black crappie thread.
  15. Sounds great, i'm still researching and putting my system together. Should be up and running soon though.