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  1. Welcome looking forward too seeing progress on your new system. I am in port alizabeth
  2. Hi Gary so far with this small pilot system for the bsf...i am happy
  3. Hi All celery im system
  4. the aquaponic system starting to look good with new plants
  5. today i found the 1st larvae and eggs in this indoor cage limited sun +-3-4 hours per day now and then. still been cold most days and lots of rain inside the cage night +-17 and somedays if the sun shines +-34 deg not a lot of flies +-40 or less i count about 25-26 flies feed time
  6. Hi All during winter I build a indoor cage for them bsf...never tried it and now going into summer I have started using the cage
  7. Hi John i followed your advice ...thanks again regards
  8. took these out yesterday
  9. These are planted in a pot in soil prepared with worm castings
  10. Hi All update on the system plants
  11. Thank you sir Yes Gary the duckweed is still below.......... Regards
  12. Hi All system still going
  13. less than 24 hrs later....oooops
  14. less than 12 hrs later
  15. feed time bsf larvae