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    Electrical Trades instructor at a community collage using an aquaponics system to teach students about electrical automation
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    barrel systems, geodesic dome greenhouses

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  1. Those plants were seeds 31 days ago!!
  2. *species
  3. Hello Everyone, My name is Bryan, I am the Program Director of the Electrical Trades Program and my local community collage and I started an aquaponics system as a way show students "process control" we have a one, 2 55 gallon barrel setup going right now and have the material to make 4 more set ups. This system also allows students to produce organic vegetables for the student food bank. We are growing snow peas, radishes, lettuce, and tomatoes right now and have bull head, shiner minnow and 3 spices of gold fish. We figured we would get the system dialed in before we added edible fish. Coolest thing for us is our system is 100% automated, after we hit the start button and input fish food, system is hands off.