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  1. So i guess i need to clean the growbed out then
  2. I think ive discovered the issue. I was feeding the worms in the grow bed, and without thinking put a lot of eggshells in there. I guess i need to empty the growbed and get all the eggshells out and just start over again
  3. The fish tank is just a glass fish tank and the grow bed is just a plastic tub. I thought that the clay pellets were pH neutral. The pH of the tap water is around 7.5, but the water in my system is still around 9.
  4. Hi I am new to this forum and aquaponics in general. I am having a problem with the pH. It is running in the high 8s and even into the 9s. I have lava rock that I bought at the local ace hardware and clay pellets on top. The system has been running for a couple months now but the pH is still high. I've used the tap water and put declorinator in it and that water is about 7.5 pH. I have also used rain water but didn't check the pH on that. My question is did I get the wrong kind of lava rock?