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    Farmkid, now living in the city. Looking for ways to "farm" again in an urban environment.
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    Aquaponics, hydroponics, urban farming, business development

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  1. Thank you for the links. In the Eurofish.dk website, you have all the links for the most important official institutions related to aquaculture. Regarding the flow chart, I'm unsure what the Danish take on aquaponics is, when it comes to licensing or regulations in general. If I would go commercial, it could definitely serve as an inspiration in my dialogue with the authorities. And otherwise, I would go to the guys from Akvaponisk Selskab. You mention that fish/aquaculture knowledge is high priority. Do you know of any formal, online courses on these topics? As a agricultural example, I have seen an online course on dairy management offered by Coursera and Penn State University.
  2. Great, thanks. A lot of places I didn't know of. I already took a look at BackYard Aquaponics and got a few new insights. PAP, is it Practical Aquaponics?
  3. Cool, thank you. I'll take a look around the forum. Any other forums or online/offline sources, you can recommend me to take a look at? I imagine, there's some place you usually go, if you need some additional knowledge or advice on something.
  4. Great input, Ande. And thank you for the links. I actually just stumbled upon http://akvaponiskselskab.dk/ earlier today. I want to go visit some guys in CPH to get some first-hand input. I would like to involve a few others in my operations, as soon as I find a space. There's a vibrant DIY community in a former slaughterhouse nearby, in which I hope to recruit some "partners in crime". That's also where I hope to set up my system. In your view, what kind of skills should we have in our team combined? I have to add that I at first want do it as a hobby, but who knows where it goes. Not that many work with aquaponics in Denmark so there might be a market.
  5. Thank you, bigdaddy, for your input. Now I know a bit more about what to look for in here :). I'm on the brink of getting access to a nearby workshop facility, where I can start my adventure. In your post, you mention the following challenges: Learn the basics of aquaponics Learn how to design a correct system for you including running with the correct fish for you. Learn how to cycle your system correctly plus learning how to run/drive your system once cycled. I imagine these challenges come from your personal experience, and the struggles you've had. Since the challenges are all related to learning, I have to ask you: how did you learn?
  6. Hi folks, I hope you are willing to share some of your experiences and insights with me. I'm Mikkel, a 27 year old Dane and a total newbie, when it comes to aquaponics. I grew up on a farm and now I'm looking for a way to farm in urban environment, where I currently live. Aquaponics definitely seems to be a very appealing option. I reach out, because I would like to know a little about the challenges of aquaponics, before jumping right into it. I imagine some of have had your struggles already and have the personal experience to pinpoint, what I should focus on. So to make it easy, I'll only ask one question: What are the three main challenges for you as an aquaponic farmer? I'm looking forward to learning a lot. Every input is much appreaciated Cheers, Mikkel