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  1. Thank you guys for your posts. My main goal is to be able to grow by myself most of the food my family consumes. I realize potatoes are a bad trade-off for the time and resources invested but I prefer to be as independent as possible and that includes food. I am yet to build a test model. Will post any updates on here.
  2. Hello everyone, I want to make an aquaponic growing system at home to grow various kinds of vegetables and am wondering the following: Since different plants have different ph and nutrient needs, how would they grow with one source (the pond would have some mid-point ph level around 6 and nutrient for the plants)? Some plants require higher levels of certain nutrients, is it possible to plan how much the plant is going to "eat"? In terms of nutrient and overall water? Can one plan to have separate ponds in the system to allow different nutrient mixes? I hope my questions are clear enough. Anyways, thank you very much in advance for your help and time!
  3. Thanks, ande, I am still putting all of the things in my head and trying to find the best possible system to grow potatoes soil-less in a greenhouse. Any help will be very much appreciated!
  4. I've searched the Internet for answers but cannot seem to find anything about maincrop potatoes being grown in soil-less environment. Do any of you have any experience or knowledge on the subject?My idea is to grow potatoes in 3 stages in aeroponic/aquaponic systems (depending on viability): Incubator for small plants ready to become cuttings Suspended aeroponic system for maximum yield of seed potatoes Suspended aeroponic system for growing the seed potatoes to mature potatoes. Has anyone tried growing maincrop or mature potatoes in aeroponics system? Or in aquaponic?I was thinking of a plastic net, much like the ones potatoes are sold in bulk, attached to the tank on several heights where you would place your cuttings, with side holes for the plant stem and leafs to grow upwards. The plastic net (if correctly chosen) should provide structure without covering the tubers too much, leaving them no air. Having no other media to take up the space for growth and having top to bottom watering with nutrients might work?Here are some drawings of the concept: As you can see in drawing 1, I'm thinking of securing two levels of plastic net with space in between them a bit more than the diameter of a fully grown potato. Those are inside of a barrel or a tube. The tube has holes on its south facing side where the potato cuttings would grow out and feed on sunlight as described in drawing 2. Then in drawings 3, 4 and 5 are three separate methods of watering with nutrients drawing 3: with a mist making machine drawing 4: with sprinkler type system drawing 5: with top shaworing systemAs for the plastic net, I am thinking of something like this: Also, as the plants grow, they could potentially be pulled back inside the barrel (in the plastic net area where the potato growth would happen). If the leafy part requires some structure to climb on, I can build a wall from another type of plastic net: And end up with a situation like this: That should provide them the area to grow and wrap around if my logic is correct.Please share your thoughts!