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    Starting up a mycology project in a large well-run aquaponics greenhouse, trying to integrate with the AP system with the highest efficiency and yields of both projects
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    Mycology, mycofiltration, use and growth of mushrooms in AP

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    Southeast Alaska
  1. I believe the copper fittings (the ones in the second picture?) are just for the water coming into the fish tank. If the water is the right temperature when it hits the temp. gauge then it goes into the fish tanks but if its too cold it gets sent back through the wood-boiler system and reheated and then sent to the fish tanks. I didn't think about that and thats an interesting point. If there is any copper (or any other metal) in the water then the mushrooms will suck that right up and there will be metal content in the mushrooms, which isn't great. I am currently trying to get all the right kinds of meters and gauges to start getting measurements on the environment. I'm not sure how I could test the water content for metal but that is definitely now at the front of my mind. I still need a better temp gauge because the thermometer I have isn't getting a good reading in the greenhouse just because of the differences between areas in the sun, shade, and certain distances to and from the water. The water is at a constant 78 degrees but other temperatures and so varied.
  2. I'm new to the system, but it is a wood-boiler heated AP system with 8 raft beds and 2 wicking beds. I'm unsure as to how to start integrating a mycofilter into it. The wicking bed will have a cococoir/perlite mixture and have plants all through it. It isnt set up yet so that seems like the easiest place to start without messing with the system too much.
  3. This is an amazing thread and has had so much useful information, especially the pictures (thanks lukeboshier) which really help me to understand what can be done with AP and mycology combined. I'm currently in the process of a startup project combining my love for growing edible mushrooms with a very large AP greenhouse on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska and I would love for it to be a success. The lack of fresh produce in my area allows the the few grocery stores (2) on the island to charge ridiculous prices for produce of all kinds and I think the community would greatly benefit from a fully functioning greenhouse producing both plants and mushrooms. I will return to post pictures of the greenhouse and I was hoping you masters of aquaponics could help me to understand what might be some of my better options for integrating mycology into the AP system.