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    I'm currently in Uganda working with an NGO to turn one of their tilapia ponds into an aquaponic system. The area doesn't have electricity, so I'm trying to keep power requirements to a minimum and use solar power.
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    I'm intereted in off-grid aquaponics, specifically with ponds, and learning more about iAVs.

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    Gulu, Uganda
  1. Hi, I'm currently in Uganda working with an NGO that wants to add some vegetable production to their current earthen tilapia ponds. Originally I was thinking aquaponics, but I recently heard about iAVs and was impressed with its simplicity. We don't have electricity here, so I'm trying to keep power requirements minimal and use solar. I've read that iAV can work with ponds but haven't found much detailed information on designing a pond iAV system. What are the differences between iAV with a pond instead of a tank? The NGO currently has a 100,800 L earthen pond with no mechanical aeration and a low stocking density of tilapia. Since the pond is so big, I don't want to recirculate the water as much as in a fish tank. How much water (what flow rate) should be pumped with each cycle? Also, if I have a lower stocking density than with tanks, should I still use the recommended 1:2 fish water to sand bio-filter volume or should it be less? That would be a lot of sand. Thanks! Here's a picture of the pond.