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  1. The attached pictures are of the system that I put together a couple of days ago. I am going to attach the three 6in. pvc pipes that are in the back ground to the system in a day or two. The third picture is of two takes that both have a air stone in the bottom and I use the tanks to root clippings from the garden.
  2. I am located in St.Augustine, Florida. I'm just starting to get into aquaponics and I am interested in microponics after some browsing of this awesome site. My wife and I raise West coast jersey giant chickens and Japanese quail. I would greatly appreciate any insight. I have to go to work now but when I get off I will snap a few photos of a system I put together just the other day. Is there any Florida members that would be interested in networking or getting together to share ideas ? My wife and I are associated with a not for profit group focused around homesteaders that has almost 10,000 members here in Florida .