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    Starting a new system and looking at a business venture
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    love gardening, and want try aquaponics and build a business selling fish and veg

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    devon, england
  1. Hi, Thank you, I have found Humble by Nature on the internet, and am interested in going to see BioAqua farms as soon as I can. I am system I am going to build will be 1, Pond feeding 2 or 3 ebb and flow beds, 2, pond feeding zip pole style systems. This will be all built from scratch as I think it will be more cost effective, the ponds will be indoors and beds outdoors with a canopy/greenhouse, heating will be provided by log burner, I possibly have a piece of land to use. I can't use indoor lighting (LED's) as I get headaches from them. Homebuilt, home grown and organic. thank you
  2. Can anyone suggest some funding ideas for my new aquaponics system I am going to build, I am based in South Devon, United Kingdom thank you