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    have a 1 growbed sys with friend and planning to add
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    haveing fun, ham radio, and of course aquaponics

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  1. Ravnis thanks for input when i started research i thought this too but am now questioning raft to be completed sometime this winter jan, feb so i will be back and let the group know my fondngs when i measure just before planting thanks for input located southern Mississippi gulf coast
  2. have to take that in to consideration but i think i will have plenty of o2 with a bubbler every 2 or 3 feet on opposite side of the raft
  3. thats what i trying to find out before i plant in the raft system i am building
  4. thats what i was thinking but IDK thanks for the input any more
  5. Ok i know how the raft works water out of the filter into the raft or rafts depending on how long your raft system is nutrients are in the water you plant the rafts in Styrofoam and then a couple weeks later plant more and move the 1st raft down the raceway ok now are the nutrients going to the ones i planted last week any weaker than the ones i planted today it would seem the more mature plant would use more nutrients therefore i would want them near the feed point of the raft instead of the far end where the water passes all other plant for them to take the nutrients thereby leave less nutrients for the mature plants at the harvest end ...or am i missing something cheers Don
  6. Peter you still around or anyone know how to get in touch DON
  7. Does any one know anyone who has received one of these cease and desist letters
  8. Oh yeah now that's the ticket i appreciate it and concur cold=slow
  9. oh absolutely need a chiller what i am really hunting plants to plant in the 55 to 60 degree water or does it really matter thanks for the links i will have a look see Don
  10. probably have to do that, just doing initial research now and know the water has to be cold was wondering if it made any difference to the plants salmon rare down here in high end restaurants and casinos that's my next stop to see if they might be interested in same day harvesting of some salmon this is all initial research might wind up with beans cabbage and catfish
  11. Doing initial research in to raising salmon with aquaponics system know the water temperature is lower for them my question is what plant function well at those temperatures any info appreciated or just point the right direction and i can find it thanks
  12. Thanks will check them out they are about 3 miles from where i live Don Arnold
  13. Afternoon all I currently use Hydroton in my grow bed but am wanting to go to 3/4 inch river gravel however having a hard time sourcing it here on the Mississippi Coast must not have calcium hiints links suggestions appreciated Don
  14. last post i saw was July 2014, over 2 years ago is he still active I would like to get in touch as i am only 30 miles from Gulfport
  15. thanks been looking for this