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  1. This property has been sold. Thank you
  2. This property has been sold. Thank you

  3. We have a commercial sized 1280sf dwc Aquaponics system including all equipment along with a 35x96 Atlas Greenhouse for sale. It is 4 1/2 years old and must be sold in order to sell our home and property. Would like to sell as a complete package however will consider selling AP system and greenhouse separately. We are located in Western NC, Polk County. Please call for details 828-817- seven four four six
  4. We have been growing for our own personal consumption and giving away the excess while the system was maturing. It is fully mature and ready for full commercial production growing for local farmers markets, CSA's, local restaurants or whatever creative ideas you have. We chose this area because it is centrally located to numerous markets. As you know, life throws all sorts of variables at us and for personal reasons we have decided to sell the farm. We will be happy to discuss the AP system with you but any other questions regarding the house and property must go through our realtor, Kathy Toomey 828-817-0942. Let us know if you have further questions. Thank you for your interest.
  5. We are selling our 3/2 home, 4.46 acres and commercial sized greenhouse with Aquaponics system in Columbus, NC. The Aquaponics system is mature and has been fully functioning for over three years. It has 1280sf of grow space, a 1500 gallon fish tank currently with approximately 105 catfish. We have a 300 gallon nursery tank which is plumbed into the main system for growing out fingerlings before transferring to the main tank. The commercial greenhouse was made by Atlas and is 35 by 96 and has 2 by 4 beams, a double layer of poly with air blown in between for rigidity. The side walls roll up and down for temperature control. This is a video of our home and property.