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  1. hey guys, yea we should get together that would be cool, my system right now is failing due to the fact that i am bad at fertilizing daily. i am going to try to get back on the ball today, luckily my bean sprout is the only thing that is still alive for now. oh and i had this crazy idea about using aquatic worms in my hydroponic system's reservior tank instead of fish. i don't know that idea is still in the works.
  2. north of dallas, texas
  3. Hi, So I am totally new to gardening this year and loving it, but its getting cold outside and so i am moving the plants indoors so why not give hydroponics a shot. I definitely need all the help I can get. So far I kinda setup a ebb flow system, trying to figure out auto siphon (bell siphon), figuring out how to dose nutrients, and other things while my seedlings are growing. Leslie