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  1. Awesome. How many plants do you think your system can produce with 2 good looking Goldie's and a snail fit for a plate. LOL. Any update pics and sure would like to see some of your bio filter.
  2. That will work great and I doubt you would have big differences because of your bubblers. Keeps movement in your tank.
  3. i would think if the levels of nutrients is that different so would be the oxygen levels. Plants of any sort can survive easily in low nutrient levels but not so much when if comes to available oxygen. If in doubt more flow and more air.
  4. As someone new to this, if there is a significant difference in levels from the intake and discharge ends would it not mean an adjustment to the flow be in order?
  5. I am running a 250 gallon per hour pump with the valves backed off a quarter turn from full on. it runs 24/7 and fills from the bottom after the bio filter.
  6. My apologies for taking so long to get back, but here is what I have. 5 types of lettuce, kale, spinach, Swiss char. (All in last couple of days) Been running for 3 weeks and 2 fish (ghost koi) been lodged for for 11 days.
  7. Good day from the Great White North I have been searching the forum for topics of DWC aquaponic systems small enough for an apartment that does not use a grow bed as the mechanical filter. ( Grow bed would not be allowed in apartment ). I built a 40" wide 20" tall and 20" long fish tank which I intergrated a Bio filter 6" wide 20" tall 20" long. The filter material I will be using is Bio balls in half and K1s for a moving media in the other half. I intend to use 5"X5" PVC fence post as my troughs with holes every 7 1/2" apart using 8 bulb T5 HO for light It will also be a continuous flow system. Fish used will be comets. I hope I have posted enough info to get some fed back. Thanks and have a great day.