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  1. does your local hardware store thread pvc pipes? That and teflon should do it I assume.
  2. Awesome, I'll pop by the fish and crustaceans forum.
  3. Ok. Tilapia it is. I'll read more on duckweed and processing it. Thanks.
  4. You're exactly right. Was too busy catching up on aquaponics to feed the bunnies.
  5. It looks like a pinfish with those stripes. edit: I see it's settled.
  6. That is unfortunate. They look tasty. Are you holding a bluegill?
  7. Hmm, takes a lot to make a meal though.
  8. Thanks man.
  9. Apple snails are quite tasty. I grew up eating them. Edit to add: steam them with lemongrass and dip them in a gingery sauce.
  10. I use a cast nets for shrimp. If they're there, a cast net with small mesh will catch them. Or do you mean one that separate them from another specie?
  11. I'm 31. Lol, was that something a 31 year old should have known? The hose has got to have a downward angle for the water to come out. I see.
  12. I just have a passion for growing and raising things. I have some experience in indoor farming and have experience with identifying problems with plants. I'm also a student, going to be studying agricultural engineer. I think agriculture have remain essentially the same for thousands of years; we still go with the seasons. In essence, I want to see if aquaponics can evolve to making farming sustainable. I can see I have a lot of catching up to do. Just in the planning stages of my AP.
  13. Hmm I use grass shrimp for striper and sturgeon bait. Was not aware that they can be farm. Interesting.
  14. No, in the process of setting up my first. That's why I'm here leeching knowledge off of you guys. I plan on growing water spinach and water crest with tilapia. Whats is easiest fish to work with for a newb in your opinion?
  15. Interesting. But yes, the stem that connect to the flowers are delicious. What do you have for microlivestock?