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    My name is Wallace. My wife and I have 6 wonderful children. I was born and raised in Hamilton, New Zealand.
    My folks have been a great influence in my life. My Father worked the land. My mother taught me some amazing life skills and could cook up a storm. My brothers and sisters are awesome. I enjoyed hunting and fishing with my brothers. We would go out bush for a couple of weeks at a time. Often returning with a pig or deer. Yum!! My sisters are just as keen for a fish or a hunt.

    I learned a lot about organic farming practices from my folks. We had Bees, Fruit trees, 3 acres of vegies, cows, chooks, pigs, and so on. Nothing beats fresh produce.

    For the last 14 years I have been involved in the Landscape industry. I have decided though it is time for a change of scene. I am currently working on an aquaponics project in the back yard. Along with growing a ton of our own food. Much to our childrens delight. The plan is to master the system and then grow it into a profitable business. Slowly but surely.

    I am also looking at a meat rabbits venture. I have a friend here from Arizona. Who ran a profitable operation and is coaching me through the process.

    Very excited about this site. Looking forward to giving knowledge and receiving knowledge
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    Organic living, Aquaponics, Meat Rabbits, Sport as well. Love my Rugby!!

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    Perth, Western Australia
  1. Beef livestock and sheep for wool. Worked south of Bennydale in the King Country. The block was 1100 acres which is small. However, conditions were favorable because of excellent soil structure and enviromental factors.
  2. G'day guys. My name is Wallace. I am absolutely stoked to find this site. So much knowledge and experience to draw on. Being a part of the Agricultural and Horticultural industry for a number of years I can share my knowledge and experience in return. I have always asked the question. Surely there is a better way? My eyes were opened to Aquaponics by a good mate of mine. As a result, I am in the process of building a system. I am studying like a maniac and trying to learn as much as can with each step. I look forward to learning from you all and contributing as well for the better of all. Cheers!!