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  1. 6-8 weeks you'll have good eating Cabrito, They sell here for $85-120 ea. on the hoof. split the breast fold out and side cook on spits, next to the fire pit. Wrap the innards into a ball with the small intestines, and BBQ them on a spit, Machaquito's.
  2. Best way to get Nitrifying bacteria to grow is use a good compost tea, and Pee. Same as making Sour Dough bread, it's all in the "Starter" used. Mother nature has done the same since the beginning of time.
  3. Best way for getting funding is to get a great local write-up, then the big news, get ahold of it, and next you get funding from every Tom, Dick, and Harry, who wants to help bring up the poverty level of the inner cities. Good Job, Well done.
  4. Thanks Ande: We've been looking into 2 items they have, we'll be contacting them soon, after we read the manuals, etc. From low UV treatment to full water sterilization This is done by applying ultraviolet light (UV) only to a carefully calculated portion of the water flow in each cycle. It is a common misconception that sterilizing all the water will control the bacterial dynamics in the rearing unit. However, as bacteria grow very rapidly on organic material, sterilizing the water would in fact have a destabilizing effect on the system. By only partially UV treating the water flow, the healthy and useful bacteria from the biofilter are allowed to dominate and suppress pathogenic bacteria. This prevents outbreaks of disease, and thus ensures maximum biosecurity. Drum filter features Our new range of drum filters covers all needs for mechanical cleaning in aquaculture production. It is the most efficient way to remove organic compounds from outlet water coming from fish tanks as well as cleaning the inlet water entering the farm. In recirculation aquaculture systems, the purpose of the mechanical filter is to remove organic waste particles from fish and bio-filter to secure a low and stable concentration of organic matter, which will keep performance optimal at all times.
  5. ASTM C 33, is a American Standard and is used by many countries, courtesy of the American Standards . BUT, AU doesn't use it, they have their own set of standards.
  6. Forecast for SA. TX, Wednesday, 28, Dec. High of 81°F/ Low tonight 58 °F Partly Cloudy. Last night had the heater on from 11PM-7AM, its now 68°F outside, inside its 78°F, and I've turned off the heater. About 11AM will be opening the windows to start cooling, but about 2PM will close the windows and start the AC till around 8-9PM. They predict a low of 58 °F tonight, will be turning the heater back on to get the inside to 78 °F. But I, can remember in March of 1969, spending a week on R&R in Sydney a perfect tempeture where I didn't need but short sleeves the whole week, I was there. But then again my blood alcohol levels were quite high all the time,
  7. Just so we're clear, I think you're probably a nice bloke Thanks Gary, that brings tears to my eye's. (which eliminates any doubt that I'm attacking you as the poster) That's seems to be your style, and you've said that so in your PM's. ......but I'm challenging you to prove your statements..... Challenge all you want, that's what you do best. which, as things stand, What is your meaning of "as things stand"? have no basis is fact. Some gibberish there. Sounds like you wanted to say 'have any basis based on facts.' So what and who determines that something is a Fact? We also get our facts from many other on-line sources. To name a few: Dr. Mark Murray Hallam Paul Van der Werf Ryan Chatterson NCSU Cornell NASA Nelson-Pade Google Search Google Maps You-Tube 60 Minints The History Channel ASC Magazine BYAP Grit on-line magazine Mother Earth News Koipen.com forum Instructables and many other Members of this forum. Did we ever see a photo of this iAVs development? NO, these new developments, whether pertaining to iAVs, DWC, NFT, or any other AP growing systems, are the sole Propriety Developments of the students that are working on his or her projects. This way they are protected later for any CopyWrites, Patents, etc. for their work. Think of it being similar to a large Corporations R&D department and what that involves. Besides myself and any other advisors have signed a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which says what I can reveal about the Program. As an advisor, I, don't receive any monetary payment for my services, except in the rare occasion, were we request money from the Administrator for a project. He gives us Cash, and we provide him with all the receipts and what ever money left over back to him in Cash. Since he gives us the money in Bills, he only wants the Bills back, any change in the form of coins, he returns them to the advisor as a form of a tip. Did you ever post on the things that they learned? NO, see above answer. When do we get to see these designs....and the comparative data that evidences comparable yield for 1/4 to 1/10 of the sand? Probably you will have to wait, the elucidation process is a very time consuming principle, just ask your mentor Dr. Mark. Or read what he replied to Strider. Posted July 6 by: Mark McMurtry "To clarify: Actual 'studies' were conducted from 1984 through 1989. Publication(s) came later - peer-review can be a very protracted process - and demanding. Especially so for a previously unknown 'discipline' (conflation/fusion of well-established sciences)." The above statement of Dr. Mark, was verified by our own advisor, who is in charge of the local college's Doctoral Dept. Can you explain (and photos would be good) how they no longer require furrows? Yes, it was shown on this forum how its done, not so long ago. Blue Smart Farms Start Up GaryD posted a topic in LOUNGE AREA How did you determine that your solid wastes were limited to 10 microns? Found this technology being used in the Gas and Oil refining process. Conversed with the technicians, explained what we wanted to do, and they gave me the suggestion, based on thier facts, by the way. Even told me that if I procured the material to use the 304 SS instead of the 316 SS. 304 SS is approx. 1/4 the cost of the 316. We'd love to hear more about your solids management idea. Actually we got the facts for this from YOU, and others on this forum, but your intent of attack, has you so blind that you can't see "The forest because of the trees." So Sad, if you would learn some tact, you would see the light. When can we expect you to elucidate these discoveries? Dr. Mark took 5 plus years, as stated by him above. he was much older than the students in the 7th and above grades that are in this program. What aspect of the water distribution system is it that is never discussed? The pipe in another pipe, this is a very unique delivery system from the facts of Dr. Mark. Very easily done, the effluent going to the beds distributes it evenly, no clogging using 10 microns of dissolved solids. But you never used that fact in your Demo, if you had you wouldn't have to worry about scouring the sand, or even distributing of the fish effluent the length of the row evenly in less than 5 seconds. I'm very interested in your 'observations'.....to the point where I would ask how you would evidence any of them? It all takes time, I have to wait on the students using this unique learning facility, so you will have too also wait. The Elucidation process is not done over night. Just ask your mentor.
  8. http://www.localharvest.org/elsewhere-farm-M7970 Contact Information Contact Clare Hintz (715) 774-3153 Location Elsewhere Farm16550 Nicoletti Road Herbster, WI 54844
  9. early has a GH already, he just wants to heat it, a cheaper way. The link worked for me, 10/10
  10. Make a Winter Vegetable Garden Work for the CSA northern Wisconsin + 16-by-24-foot greenhouse + 70-degree, that costs less than $50 a year to heat. Imagine living in northern Wisconsin where winter temperatures are regularly measured in windchill. By January, one can’t help but dream of warmer weather, a winter vegetable garden and fresh-picked produce. Now, imagine bundling up and jetting across your yard to a 16-by-24-foot shed, throwing open the door and harvesting fresh veggies in a 70-degree greenhouse that costs less than $50 a year to heat.
  11. STRAWBERRY CULTURE Strawberry production in home gardens is an interesting phenomenon. More people are happier with strawberry plants that produce less fruit than any other crop they grow. Why? If a tomato variety produced only one serving every two weeks -- which is common for the ever-bearing strawberry types -- gardeners would rapidly abandon it. The right time to plant strawberries is beginning in September-- NOT in the spring or after the Poteet Strawberry Festival in April. Gardeners who procrastinate until late November reduce yield potential. Poteet strawberry producers use an 8-month system -- plant in September, harvest in April and destroy the plants in June. This system differs from the conventional strawberry production system used by our northern neighbors who plant in February and enjoying the best harvest 14 months later in April or May. Again, that term "efficiency" pops up. Which is more efficient, the 8-month or the 14-month system -- especially when yields are the same? Just be sure to remove all blooms, fruits and runners that are produced in the fall until Christmas so that strong "Mother" plant growth is encouraged. Strawberries are commercially produced in sandy soil and yield more, and sweeter berries, when growing in slightly acidic soils high in organic matter.
  12. Radiant Floor Heating. By keeping the root zone at a constant temp. the air around the canopy can be way lower. Same principle used by hunters during the winter, they use heated socks, gloves. Keep the extremities warm, that warmth is radiated thru the blood stream to the core of the body. Using a simple setup of 100 l/f of 1/2" CPVC pipe and fittings, a 30 gal hot water heater, temp controllers, and a circulation pump, and minimal logistics materials, you only need less than 1.1 gal of water.
  13. Very common mistake of strawberry growers is to get the first berry the plant produces. If you would remove the flowers, and let the plant develop, you would have a lot more berries per plant by this time.
  14. But you never asked How? So you call it a lie, typical But you did a lot of Name calling in your PM's to me.. From GD.....You could avoid all of the anxiety by not inviting it through the baiting, provoking, selective quoting and 'gotcha' behaviour in which you engage. You could demonstrate your cleverness much more effectively by actually describing what you do and how you do it.....and we could all send you cards and money rather than...
  15. Not only freezing temps, but think of the ones that are in middle of the bottom of the stack, they may be warmer than the ones on the outside, but they get Peed and Pooped on from the ones above. So if you were one of those chickens, were would you want to be on the stack? My preferred position is on the outside front. The cold freezing air would put me in a brain freeze, just before I get whacked. No pain, No gain.