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    I've been interested in farming and fishing my entire life, have worked on a few different farms in the past and fish a lot, when I discovered aquaponics a light switch went off, this is what I need to do with my life, where I live local produce is only available a short period of time each year, if everything goes as planned I can make produce available 365 days a year
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    would like to start a very large scale commercial aquaponics system

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    Ontario canada

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  1. Hi

    I'm in Hamilton,  on the outskirts.

    My greenhouse is 16x12, double poly in winter. Made brackets to keep approx 6 air space without blower. I'll add pics when on my computer, from phone isn't working.

    I plan to run  warm water system and cold water system simultaneously on either side of greenhouse.

    Warm has blue and niles, cold probably trout or perch.