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    I've been interested in farming and fishing my entire life, have worked on a few different farms in the past and fish a lot, when I discovered aquaponics a light switch went off, this is what I need to do with my life, where I live local produce is only available a short period of time each year, if everything goes as planned I can make produce available 365 days a year
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    would like to start a very large scale commercial aquaponics system

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    Ontario canada

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  1. Hi

    I'm in Hamilton,  on the outskirts.

    My greenhouse is 16x12, double poly in winter. Made brackets to keep approx 6 air space without blower. I'll add pics when on my computer, from phone isn't working.

    I plan to run  warm water system and cold water system simultaneously on either side of greenhouse.

    Warm has blue and niles, cold probably trout or perch.


  2. Right now I'm working on 2 small systems, one being outside powered by my small pond, just to try a couple different bed designs out, I also have a small 10 gal aquarium that I breed swordtails and guppys in, I am also working on setting up a 200sqft green house that will have a 500gal fish tank, and after I get this all up and running I will be looking into a full sized commercial set up either in a wear house or greenhouses,
  3. Since I'm new to this and have only watched videos on YouTube on how people have their systems set up, I was wondering if anyone had one set up that I could come take a look at, a pictures worth 1000 words, but seeing it with your own eyes must be worth a million.
  4. Welcome, I'm new here too, planning on starting small and going big
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys, I was trying to look into the iAV system lastnight, from what I read it is basicly a flood and drain system with inert sand as a media, and there for no extra filter needed, or you can use the sand as the filter at a 1:1 ratio to fish tank size then use the filtered nitrate water to feed the plants before sending the water back to tank? Please let me know if I got this figured out properly, I come from a mechanical background so this is all new to me, and I should be reasearhing off a laptop not a cell phone
  6. Ok so today I'm tinkering with the pond, I have decided to go with the DWC raft beds, now my pond has a lot of sediment in it, I've spent the past few days dealing with that, I have got the water cleared up nicely, added a air pump and went for a walk with my little ones out to the back pond and collected a handful of tadpoles, prior to the air pump and tadpoles you could only see about an inch into the water, now you can clearly see the fish on the bottom, so today's question is, should I add a filter or let the pump drain into the bed and get a few shrimp to eat the poop up? Once again these are just trial systems so I can see what works best for me here
  7. I have a 10gal aquarium that has fish in it already, I'm trying to figure out how to set up a fill and drain system for this, I also have a kidney shaped plastic pond set up outside and would like to either do a DWC or film, I think the DWC would be better outside. My questions are a) how big of a bed could each system handle, and b) plant density, I was going to do tomatoes inside in the media and strawberrys out in the rafts I will be starting on a green house set up after I get these running, I've found a 500gal tank so that's my starting point there
  8. Orange test caps are cheap and if you don't glue it on they are removable, However on my first siphon I had to glue the cap to stop the air from breaking siphon
  9. Hello all, since I've found out about aquaponics I've been hooked, studying and watching YouTube videos on the subject, and I have decided to build a greenhouse and start a small system in my back yard to prove to potential investors that hey this actually works, eventually I would like to have a large green house set up and producing food 365 days a year, any help you guys can offer would help out a lot, the greenhouse I'm going to build will be 200sq ft