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  1. brilliant way to demonstrate the problem. Want to share it with my tribe. Hope that is fine with you, Ande.
  2. Flood and drain, ebb and flow, reciprocating biofilters, sand biofilters, raft culture, nutrient film culture, vertical systems.. We are still far behind in terms of incorporating aquaponics in our society. Here is a slide that we use to track and explain some of the aquaponics subsets, prevalent techniques and realities of this growing industry. Generally, everyone everywhere mostly tries to do the best that they can with the options they've got. Everyone tries to give their best-intentioned advise, but DID YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT WORKS BEST? Not seeing is not believing.. and vice versa. Hope I haven't upset anyone. Over to you for comments..
  3. Another Vishukkani gift received.. This is from Mr. Jayakrishnan, Nanniode Aquaponics, Palakkad, Kerala
  4. Dear All, Season's greetings - Vishu, Baisakhi, Bihu, and Puthandu! Every new year brings with it golden opportunities. Opportunities to give up the old and embrace the new. Opportunities to start over and perform miracles. In this time of new beginnings, irrespective of the cultural boundaries, we at NARDC wish you a good harvest of joy and prosperity. May this new year usher in good times, happiness and abundance in your lives. Kind regards, vkn CMD, NARDC.in PS: Pictured are the 'Vishukkani' gifts we received from our several old and new aquaponics farming adapters. Our special thanks to Mr. Rajesh of Circle of Life Aquaponics, Babaji Vidhyashram, Chennai, Tamilnadu; Mr. Sivadas of Shivani Aquaponics, Palakkad, Kerala; Mr. Sidhan of Aswathy Aquaponics, Thrissur, Kerala. PS2: I might update the above list as we expect some more gift parcels hopefully on this Monday.
  5. It all starts with a seed..After you've dropped a seed in its place directly at the aquaponics sand culture ridges, you can go back and do other things. No more seed care needed. No moistening of the newly planted seeds with misters or watering cans. No fertigation efforts. It germinates and the cycle of life begins. @ CSAF #1 demonstration cum commercial facility, near Oachira, Alappuzha.
  6. Papaya in aquaponics sand culture.. Here is an update picture of the hybrid red lady papaya commercial yield trial going on at Nanniode.. It is about 6 weeks old. Some have begun to show the first flower buds. Growth is seen rapid when compared to the ones started at the same time in soil and external container culture. More on this later.
  7. Good one Kellen! I am reading it just now and noting down several points that are useful. Thanks for the share..vkn
  8. Thanks Mike! How have you been? Not seen an update from you. What are you growing these days? Interesting note on capitalism.. nice description. I am now trying to find an operational definition of a capitalist farmer.. Also in search of how many of them are subsistence/small farmers live in villages other than those big plantation farmers, large-scale operations, chemical/machinery/GMO industries, food industry gorillas, and/or farming corporations, etc. Maybe, mods want to create a separate thread on this interesting topic
  9. Received two government subsidies recently. Thanks to Mr. Basheer and other agri officials at the rural Krishi Bhavan, Pattenchery, Palakkad, Kerala, India. Pictured is me posing for photos near the scheme banners.. 1. 100 m2 'Rain Shelter' protected structure supported in the VDP program. Received INR 50,000/- 2 Backyard agriculture; goat, chicken, and fish farming, 'Integrated Farming System', supported in the Atma Plus program. To be received INR 10,000/- Followers from India? Those interested in availing subsidies and other benefits under various upcoming projects, both state and centrally sponsored schemes, contact your State Agricultural Department Offices, SHMs, Krishi Bhavans, etc., in the respective areas. They have a first-come first-served policy as well.
  10. Thank you Big Daddy, will continue to chronicle what we do. Things are happening in a positive direction, hopefully, as we are now trying to replicate what we have been doing in scale. Expect more stories.
  11. Must be a very old one..or maybe Dan was not aware of the aquaponics ways of organic farming and its integration possibilities. In one of our integration trials, we have 4 goats, 30 chicken, 10 quails, 6 ducks and 4000 fish to feed. It is a 3-tier system. Fowls and animals are fed mostly on-farm inputs. Several things. Manure from these animals/birds and kitchen wastes are fed to the black soldier fly larvae and the frass to the earthworms (Eisenia fetida). With this prototype model that we are working on, what we produce is our own fish food (black soldier fly larvae and earthworms; rice bran, colocasia leaves, azolla, moringa leaves) plus vermiwash used as plant sprays and vermicompost for the container/soil culture and several other backyard fruit trees. Fish, veggies, fruits, eggs, meat, and some small grains.. a kind of circle of life aquaponics integration. Results have been so far good despite several challenges. We are on it!
  12. Thanks Ande. Loved this video.. sharing with my tribe as well!
  13. Commented elsewhere in a facebook post, posting it here for your info and inputs as well.. People who have been following our works fondly call me, "father of Indian aquaponics." When I had started my first backyard aquaponics farm in 2012, I knew nothing about running one. I didn’t know anything about realistic expectations, direct experience, require attention to balance, etc. I could tell a few stories and our experiments with aquaponics so far. But I started anyways. In retrospect, despite all the struggles and failures we faced, it’s still the one thing I did in my whole life that I feel proud of. We can confidently welcome you now to experience right aquaponics gardening year-round with no weeds to pull, no bending to plant or harvest, no worries about watering or weather, no chemical farming and do what you love to do integrating aquaculture and hydroponics in a simple to operate way to produce premium live fish, fresh vegetables, herbs, medicinals, and other plants. This is not a mere hobby, theory or novelty, but a steady, reliable, no nonsense source of family food and income. Let's do it!
  14. Thanks Gary for your attention. I have been wanting to ask this for a very long time.. Why did you remove and blocked me from your facebook group? It doesn't really matter to me but I thought I'd ask now.
  15. Thanks Ande.. I will continue to update here. Where are the others? APN forum looks so inactive and almost sleeping these days. Or, is that only me thinking like that?