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  1. Not really clay, they are dug up and shaped using the same native earth.
  2. Earthen aquaponics is in the making at Thodupuzha.. Both the floor and side walls of these aquaponics sand biofilters are being made of native earth. An another replication of NARDCs low-cost commercial aquaponics build design, considering the labor costs alone for the construction, we accomplish a significant development cost savings in this project as well. Here is a picture. More later. We haven't given it a business name yet.. Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Poles made of bamboos or any other wood are used as stakes in between. You can use galvanized iron also. Usually the bird's net over larger pond is done in summers here when water level is low or when pond is dry.
  4. Hi Cecil, I use a thick nylon bird's net to ward off similar birds from our aquaponics fish culture tanks. Your pond is slightly big but it is very much doable in large areas as well. Just thought this would help before your Form 37 gets you a killing licence..:)
  5. Nsidibe, hearty welcome to APN and to my thread here. Time has become the scarcest resource to me these days. So many things to do and so little time.. My suggestion would be to ask lots of questions and participate in the forum discussions. Who has the time to read and reply lecture kind of questions. Ask one question at a time? Or, two if they are related. Not more than that at any given time. Having your own thread at APN to share your practical experiences would greatly help you and others too. I wish you all the best.
  6. Working on a new project this month. Build area is 400 m2. Rain/sun shelter protected cultivation to boost sustainable year-round aquaponics food production is a low-cost alternative to greenhouse/polyhouse farming in India. Here is a picture update.
  7. Rooted plant cuttings.. This is the first time we trial Stevia rebaudiana plant in aquaponics sand culture..
  8. Amazing work! WOW!
  9. For lunch today.. Here is a one-year-old snakehead fish from our aquaponics system at Nanniode. This is part of the second yield trial we began an year ago.
  10. Thanks Joe. I was being careless.. just didn't zoom in to find those blue crosses. Reading through to understand more of it. Thanks for the highlights of your interesting work. Very true.. I could relate that to our own old farm and working with nature - cows, goats, hens, rabbits, quails, etc. where animals roam free-ranging. Dad was focusing on planting trees mainly for shade and timber. Later they became coconut, banana, guava, and cocoa groves as far back I can remember.
  11. Some nice landscape pictures there, Togaji.. All I could find were a few blank templates. Could you briefly say what were your inferences from your report? It would help.
  12. Yes, very interesting Ande.. Not yet finished reading but it looks like Savory holistic techniques are almost similar to what these scientists have been doing in the name of Silvopasture at CEFS (The Center for Environmental Farming) www.cefs.ncsu.edu, the intentional mixture of trees and pasture, integrating Agriculture and Forestry. What do you think are the differences?
  13. FYI..Our Malaysian Aquaponics dreams might come true soon..Just received the completed paperwork, signed NDA document, etc. as part of the due diligence. Anyone from Malaysia here in our forum?
  14. One of my good friends here in India at a potato research station has been growing potatoes using aeroponics techniques. However, their focus has been on seed production. They have been my inspirations for our own aquaroponics experiments and the continued yield trials of high value Chinese potatoes. Here is one of their papers. I hope it helps you some way in your pursuits. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/308874872_Aeroponics?ev=auth_pub
  15. JFYI.. We at NARDC are celebrating our fifth anniversary of micro-focusing on aquaponics tomorrow. Here is sharing with you a banner we made for the day, hoping someone reads this at our forum. I would like to thank you very much for having me here. Your feedback is highly appreciated; it will help us to improve our ability to serve others in India. Kind regards, vkn