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  1. Good to hear from you, Ande. A special thank you for following along! Chronicling is easy. Hope it serves a purpose or maybe not.. I am still in here.
  2. Papaya in aquaponics.. We recently began this commercial yield trial of hybrid red lady papaya in aquaponics sand culture at Nanniode. Twenty papaya seedlings were added in this first trial at a diagonal spacing of 1.2 m x 1.8 m. No changes in the irrigation events or sequences. They are now in matured and established 2-year-old sand filters. They should be ready to harvest during next Ramadhan period and continually for the next 2 years thereafter. More later.
  3. Raising fresh fish is like growing your own food or a cash crop.. you do not need several tens of acres. For today's dinner.. Here is one of our own nile tilapia Chitralada stain babies from the domesticated brood stocks. Nursery rearing helps ensuring consistent production of fry and fingerlings. It is about 4 to 5 months old, now a plate-size fish weighing 250+ grams.
  4. Tomatoes everywhere @ Eden Aquaponics.. spinach being harvested as a secondary crop
  5. Replicating what we do at SVVU Aquaponics unit @ Fisheries Research Station, Sree Venkateswara Veterinary University, Undi, AP.. Based on NARDCs Model 1b design, the protected rain/sun shelter works are now completed.. Phase two works began today. If all goes well as planned, we should be making this operational by March first week. At build area 621 m2, the food production goal from this commercial aquaponics facility is 4-6 tonnes of fresh fish and 15-30 tonnes of organic veggies per annum. The more the merrier.. based on the operator's crop management and IPM skills. More later then.. Thank you for following along and watching our progress!
  6. Sand magic and fish-powered tomatoes.. While I am here at Nanniode, here is one more picture from our open-field aquaponica trials. We had heavy rains yesterday. Traveling to Andhra tonight, SVVU Aquaponics works are in good progress.
  7. Harvest from the new variety tomatoes in yield trial is progressing well. Here is what we've got today at Nanniode - fresh vine-ripened aquaponics tomatoes.
  8. This is our first watermelon yield trial at the hanging aquaponics garden of Nanniode, both in sand media culture and run to waste container cuture. The plants are growing fine except a few events of leaf burns due to aphids. We are now monitoring this and to adopt those cultural controls. It is fruit setting time and overall it looks fine for now! More later..
  9. Aufin, sorry I missed replying. They are doing good. Fish, veggies, annd medicinals being harvested. Please get into the photo section of my FB..there are several picture updates. I will get the latest and post them for you here.
  10. Sorry I missed this. We spoke over phone a couple of times right. Are you the one? Are your plans working the way you desired?
  11. Thanks for watching! Yes, sometimes I feel precious for the works happening around, trying to replicate what we have been doing in mass scale, etc. More stories are yet to come. How is Mark doing? Missing the good doctor already.
  12. Not a single soul out here at APN has watched this video or does have any comments or simply prayers? I think it is time to pack up my bags and leave it all behind.. Bye now!
  13. Introducing Ms Muthu Leesa John; Eden Aquaponics, Thodupuzha! Wish them all the best and please pass it on!
  14. Fresh Anabas cobojius, the Gangetic koi fish @ Nanniode, from our third aquaponics yield trial batch.. Here is a short video. Also trying to sex some of these for the development of domesticated brood stocks for consistent production of fry and fingerlings. Numerous challenges ahead!
  15. And this.. What's your BHAG in 2018? BHAG = big hairy audacious goals! For us at NARDC, our impact goal is to assist 10-25 NARDC Aquaponics Franchise partners in 2018 working together across the world replicating what we do! Each aquaponics franchisee creating 8 to 10 commercial aquaponics projects (NARDC models 1b or 1a) at their assigned district territories. Good News: As a social franchising initiative, 50% off on franchise registration fees to military veterans, NGOs, charitable trusts, and the young investors less than 25 years of age. This is for a limited time. Are you coming? Batch 1 NARDC Aquaponics Franchise Orientation Training event is scheduled to be on Jan 26, 27, and 28, 2018 in Chennai. How may I help you? The franchisees are selected on a first-come first-served basis. Send us an expression of interest email, read through the shared FAQ document, and ask specific questions for clarity. You are welcome! Details are here - www.nardc.in Please pass it on.. vkn CMD, NARDC Building a successful organic farming community! One aquaponics farmer at a time!