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    Looking to start Aquaponics been into fish for over 20 years and saltwater fish for about 10 years. New to LED
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    Saltwater Aquatics, Energy Conservation, LED

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  1. IL look into it more
  2. Like This?
  3. I looked at the link but slightly confused what exactly it is.... If I'm gathering it right it looks like a sand bed? I could easily build a sand filter I don't think it would be hard just another area of research.
  4. I would really like to have clay but one bag runs $25 and it would take 4ish bags per bed and I feel that's allot to start with to try out something I'm still not experienced in. AS 3 Beds would cost $300 just for media....
  5. Pics
  6. Ok so here are some pictures of base rock I'm trying to find another solution other than clay as clay here is very expensive per bag.
  7. Solids?
  8. Well I've seen so many systems not use anything but floss where it dumps into the beds, however while I don't agree or disagree on that setup I see that they deal with the problem but don't over think it. I was thinking of a swirl filter? If that's what they call it? I already have a 55 gallon drum I've been using in fish for years so u know it would work, then I was thinking of having a 5 gallon bucket inside that. I would have to post the idea in better detail if I can find some pictures but I know there are some YouTube videos about it and seemed to do quite well. I GUESS MY REAL QUESTION IS ARE THEY A HUGE PROBLEM?
  9. I'm new to Aquaponics and wanted to start somewhere. I currenlty don't have a system but am gathering things as the week progresses. I happen to find a back yard breeder just 30 min away from where I live of Tilapia and has many finglings so I think this will be the choice of fish. I have great experience with freshwater and salwater fish as I'v been in the fish hobby for 20 years. I currenlty run a very complacated saltwater setup with digital equiptment to run everything, but am looking into the simpler things like Aquaponices to be be something new. I want to start my sytem cycling and start some seedlings ASAP possible this week and have a season of outdoors while I construct a bigger system indoors for the winter time. Anyway thoughts and pointers? Also looking for some basic diagrams to post my thoughts but aren't sure other than taking a picture of paper what to use? Thanks for the Help Charles