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  1. Sonelin....whatever you do keep us updated. I'd love to see and read what happens.
  2. Sorry I have not posted...my internet has been down as of late. But that being said seems like everything stabilized out. I'm still stuck with a high pH though. And my zucchini plants seem to be taking up the nutrients just fine in the higher pH water. If they continue to do OK I might just not mess around and leave the pH around 8. As I'm sure it'll naturally go down when the fish have been in there for a while.
  3. Ok so I've been trying to cycle my system. Added feed and I'm stuck. I added maybe too much Urea. Still no fish in it yet. pH 8 . Currently using 1M Hydrochloric Acid to try and get it down. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 5+ Nitrate 80 ppm I added the Urea a week ago going to keep watching my Nitrite but doesn't seem to even go very low. Any suggestions?
  4. I guess I should of told you there are no fish in my system right now...I'm just trying to cycle my tank and get it stabilized before I get my fish.
  5. So, what your saying is I can remove all my crushed coral....then add acid to decrease the pH below 7. Then I really do not need to add limestone to keep the pH from spiking above 7? maybe i'm just a paranoid freak because this is my first time around but I'm never one to turn down an insurance I can add to my system. BTW this is an indoor setup so I don't have to worry about rain. If you check out my video on youtube you can see my new baby.
  6. Damon thanks for the reply. My thought was that I could put crushed coral in the system which would keep the system at a constant pH and would not move. I did not want to be put in a situation that I would have to adjust the pH on a weekly basis. It is my experience that when you adjust something that often it's quite easy to just one time mess up and kill off all your fish. I'd prefer an "easy" solution just like we all would that keeps a pH at a constant level. If that means lowering the pH of the tank to below 7 then taking out all of the crushed coral and replacing it with crushed limestone thats fine.
  7. Ok so I did my research and have found across the net and even people on this forum that use crushed coral as a ph stabilizer. I have added crushed coral to my set-up only to find that today it appeared that my pH was above 8. I'll let it go for a week or so longer but I would love to hear from people here who have used coral as a pH buffer/stabilizer. I personally think pH of 8 is a little high because it's my understanding that although Blue Tilapia might do well with this sort of pH a high pH like this will hinder the bacertia growth that help convert amonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate as well as allow for less nutrients to be able to be floating in the water. What was the final pH that your system settled down at? Should I consider removing my crushed coral using acid to get the pH down to just below 6 and using limestone instead? I know limestone will prevent the pH from going above 7.
  8. I would of never thought of throwing some food in the swirl tank...figured that would be a bad thing but I guess when it breaks down it'll create more ammonia so it'll just supplement me adding ammonia to the system until it cycles and I get my fish. As far as cycling goes...if it cycles next week and I won't get my fish in it for another month (looking at getting fry and raising them in a smaller tank then putting them in the larger one) is OK to stop adding ammonia to the big tank or do I need to keep adding it to keep the bacteria all happy and alive? I have 50 Liters of K1 in the 55 gallon drum. For a 55 gallons of water you should have 70 liters of K1 but they only sell it in 50 and 100L. Also the water is never at the top in the moving bio filter drum anyways so it's more like 40-45 gallons.
  9. Well after a 2 day battle with my internets...I have finally prevailed!
  10. Kellenw....check your PM's my fish supplier is shutting down for the winter to increase their capacity...so I'm looking for a new supplier and your guys price seems reasonable.
  11. Well I figure it's about time for me to give you guys an update. My fish supplier here in Illinois is shutting down for the winter...so instead of getting them for .33 for a 3 inch Tilapia I'll have to pay more. Oh well that life. I rebuild my system hopefully making Gary proud. I think it'll not only help me have a few more fish than my setup before but also keep the water cleaner. I'll post my video as soon as I get it uploaded.
  12. Love the cereal analogy! Thanks.
  13. Is it ok to buy a larger pellet size and grind it down yourself to feed to the fish? I will be getting my Tilapia at 2 or 3". I will only have 50 Tilapia in my setup and since this is my first time I have no clue how much they will be eating in their smaller stages. I would prefer to just buy Ultimate Growout Pellets and grind them so the fish can eat them until they reach 6 inches and can feed normally on the Untilate Growout Pellets. Or do you think getting the Tilapia Combo Pack #3 which s 9lbs of fingerling pellets and 9lbs of intermediate pellets last them until I can switch them to the Ultimate Growout Pellets? My thought was buy food that they eat around 5-8 inches and grind it down until they can eat that size and stick with that pellet size until harvest. P.S. Just wish your guys hatchery was about 3 hours closer to me.
  14. This is the only thread I could find mentioning floating pellets for Tilapia...not going to use Duckweed just much easier to buy the fish food. Looks like it's going to be Aqua max 500...and I'll have to grind it down until they get big enough to eat it that size.
  15. So do you guys just feed them the cheapest the floating fish food you can find? the only fish food I could see that they would want to eat according to people is purina trout chow. I'm here in the states but about to get my fish sometime this month after I cycle my system with ammonia.