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  1. Hi, my name is Tristan Jones, and I am currently working on a project on Aquaponics for my TPSP class. TPSP is a year long class in which we research a topic of our choice and use that knowledge to make a product. My product for the project is a very cheap, but efficient aquaponics system that is for at-home use and I will be showing you how to build it and how to get it started. Parts needed: • Media Bed- You can use anything you want, I’m using a cat litter box/tub. • Fish tank- 16 x 12in • Fish food- Anything that matches with your fish • PVC piping • Pump • Netted Cups • Fish- You can have any fish but I will use goldfish because of their high export of ammonia and tolerance. • Plant Seeds- You can have any plant seeds, but I will use cabbage. • Media-You can use anything but I will use expanded clay balls, or lava rock. Video: [To Be Included] Directions: 1. Place your Media Bed over the fish tank or have something to support it, and see where you want your in and out flow pipes. 2. When you know where you want the pipes to go. 3. Mark and cut holes with the correct size according to your pipes. 4. Place your pipes in and fill the bed with your media. 5. Adjust the height to just level with the media. 6. Put water in the tank and in the media bed. Make sure to have the correct water level so that the water doesn’t overflow or be too little for the fish. 7. Put your fish and plant seeds in. 8. Feed fish a fixed amount every day. Common Problems: Plants aren’t growing- In the beginning of an aquaponics system the bacteria that converts the ammonia into nitrite (nitrosomonas) and nitrite into nitrate (nitrobacters) haven’t been formed yet. They will naturally grow so you don’t have to worry about it. Water isn’t flowing in or out- Make sure that nothing is blocking the water. There might have been media that got into the pipes.