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  1. now that is awesome!
  2. Hey Same thing happen to one of my aviary quails. First noticed it a few months ago, she waddles around using her wings as paddles and isnt as fast as the other hens. Thought she would quickly pass on but she's still going. Doesn't seem to be in any pain, she eats just like the rest, drinks and slowly hobbles away when I get too close. Doesn't seem to be any issue with spreading whatever it is she has, as none of the other quails have had the same symptoms. cheers
  3. Hey guys has anyone ever tried keeping pheasants in their backyard?
  4. I saw a couple Australorps at a small farm the other day and really liked the look of them...maybe they're the way to go for a good QUIET layer for suburban melbourne? Has anyone else had problems with the White leghorn? I think my neighbours would be quick to complain if I had noisy chooks running around the back. Gary is there a reason you buy your chickens and don't breed them? cheers
  5. thanks gary, also do you think that set up would work outside?..obviously would have to cover it up a bit to stop wind and rain getting in
  6. Hey guys, Pretty new to the whole world of microponics, grown vegies for years but am keen to try aquaponics and looking into chickens and quails. This site is awesome, am learning heaps already! Hopefully be able to contribute something useful in the future cheers
  7. Hey guys, am interested to know which breeds of chicken you use and whether or not there are any benefits for that breed. I'm looking at getting into chickens for both meat and eggs. Any suggestions on what would be a suitable breed? Sorry for all the questions, but am pretty keen to get started. cheers
  8. Hey Gary what are the dimensions of the "Quail Hilton"? Wouldn't mind setting up something similar down here. Cheers