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    Retired engineer, recently set up home aquaponics garden
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  1. Welcome fellow Queenslander. You've come to the right spot to get plenty of information. We are probably fortunate that we don't experience the climate extremes that others on this forum do. Our systems can be a bit simpler without the heating and cooling requirements of others. Post up some photos of your set-up when you can. This generates a fair bit of interest usually. Out of interest, how much have your Jades grown in the last 6 months? In a bit over two months mine have powered on from fingerlings at 50 - 70mm to 150mm+. I have started growing Duckweed for the fish and soon will have sufficient to test them out on it. They apparently love it. Cheers. Roddy
  2. Nice set-up Python. What fish are you rearing?
  3. Maxi crop is basically the same stuff. I use vermiculite in the bottom of my halved 200 litre drums I use as wicking beds to reduce some weight.
  4. Hi Noob. I give a small dose of Seasol (seaweed extract) every couple of weeks. I used Seasol to cycle up the system prior to adding fish and it worked very well. As for the vermiculite, once it is moist, it stays in the tower with out a problem.
  5. Hi Craig. All the IBC's are interconnected. The outer two are my fish tanks and the inner two are sumps. Still need to set up a couple of swirl filters inbetween.
  6. Hello to the forum members, I have done the intro already in another part of the forum but thought I would give a heads-up and some photos of my brief but very productive journey into AP. I only became aware of AP in March 2014 after a visit to my Uncles home where he had a small set-up of a couple of IBC's and mixture of grow beds scattered around the yard. I couldn't get over the plants that he was growing and the speed at which they grew. That got me hooked to try out myself. The build of the fish tanks, GB's and shade house all commenced around the middle of September 2014. Attached are a few photos along the way. The preparation of the IBC's The shade house was put together from a Temporary Carport (Purchased from auto spares shop), 2 x clear reinforced tarps, and 30% shade cloth ( fence mesh used on building sites) total cost for a 6.00m x 3.00m fully enclosed shade house - $200. Testing out a few Wicking Beds as well. Addition of a bit of NFT Some of the veges currently thriving Chilli's just love the environment Small tower filled with vermiculite for strawberries attached to the side of the GB. Will add some fishy photos over the next few days, Cheers Roddy
  7. Hi Noob, Posted some photos in the gallery. Cheers Roddy
  8. Welcome to the forum. What part of WA are you in? Cheers Roddy
  9. image

    From the album Roddy's AP set-up

    Layout of tanks and grow beds.
  10. image

    From the album Roddy's AP set-up

    Strawberries growing in a small tower on the side of the tank.
  11. image

    From the album Roddy's AP set-up

    More chilli's. Now have ten different varieties.
  12. image

    From the album Roddy's AP set-up

    NFT piping around the tank to add extra growing space.
  13. image

    From the album Roddy's AP set-up

    Habanero chillis are powering along and really grow well in the AP environment.
  14. image

    From the album Roddy's AP set-up

    Latest photos - kale, silver beet, rhubarb all thriving in hot weather
  15. image

    From the album Roddy's AP set-up

    First planting in October 2014