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  1. Why on the plant side? Or if you have a link with more info...
  2. Ok. I thought so. Also, in regards to anerobic processes, is it detrimental to fish, plants or both? I know fish because of the nitrite gasses. Any other reasons?
  3. In a dual loop, why not adjust pH to where you want with acid in the plant side?
  4. So many variables.....
  5. Are you going the vortex route for the MT? Also, quick question, how does the mineralization process affect pH?
  6. I know what you mean. The mineralization process is what has me stumped and how to incorporate it.
  7. Oh poop.. GREAT!! Do you have a sketch of the flows etc....or an explanation? How will you incorporate mineralization?
  8. Hopefully Swede will jump in here and comment on this. He has done lots of mineralization experiments and may have a clue. Yes, the ph drop on the fish side is from nitrification. (ammonia->nitrite->nitrates) by the time you pull the solids to the plant side, nitrification is complete. There should not be any ammonia in the fish side. I don't know enough about mineralization to know how it affects pH. SWEDE??? The bacteria in the MBBR is different from what breaks down the solids (mineralization). When you check ammonia levels with the API test kit it should be ZERO. If not, your MBBR is not working optimally for your feed/fish load. Sending more water from fish side doesn't increase ammonia. No fruit flies here so far. They do have aphids though. The lady bugs seem to be keeping the aphids under control. Minor leaf damage from aphids.
  9. Strider, ok...great... Adding aeration will increase PH. I add muriatic acid to my pool and with salt water generator (aeration) the ph is back up to where it was in a day or two. I'm wondering if your turning the solids enough in the MT. If not, it may be going anaerobic and denitrifying causing the ph to go up. Nitrification on the fish side will cause the ph to go down. Solids in an MT tank not properly aerated will go anaerobic. What is the relationship of the MT venturi to the solids. In other words, if the solids are settling to the bottom of the MT and the venturi is not at the very bottom, your solids may not be turning. The aeration should be on the floor of the MT tank to turn ALL the solids. If not, you'll develop anaerobic areas causing denitrification causing higher ph and also lower nitrates. (if lower nitrates and high ph is what you want, this is one way to do it). To the EXPERTS out there, is anaerobic minerilization also bad for a plant loop or only the fish loop? OR BOTH?? Chatterson Farms seem to do GREAT with tomatoes EVERYTHING really without hydroponic fertilizers (as far as I know). Also, Cookie on BYAP had some great tomato crops in a single loop. I hope your figure it out and share your adventure and findings. Thats good to know. Considering all the solids your dumping into the MT, I would assume some periodic buffer cleaning may be required to prevent clogging. Unless the solids are not totally fluidized or unless the aggressive aeration self cleans the buffer pad. I don't know know. Id suggest you invest in a dissolved oxygen meter (DO). Milwaukee (sp?) has a very affordable portable DO meter for about 150 bucks (160 on amazon). That meter has saved my fish many times. Knowing the DO of an MT tank is important. It goes back to my denitrification point above. Not enough DO and you also run into problems in an aerobic MT going anaerobic. I'm with you there Strider. My best gardening has been with AP and I'm loving it. Now I want to tweak it. I wish i had tomatoes like you though, lol. I hope to soon convert over to a dual loop. Your setup seems to be doing great. Id like a bit more control of the nitrates and other nutrients if possible via an MT or whatever other means as long as its ORGANIC you know. Trial an error I guess. Trial and error can get frustrating and expensive though. BTW, picked my FIRST CUCUMBER off my media GB. NEVER grew cucumber before. Freaking AWSOME. More to pick in the next few days.
  10. Swede, Did you ever switch to dual loop?
  11. Strider, So your not controlling the nitrates on the PLANT side. When you have some time, can you make a video of your MT tank. Do the buffer pads get clogged? Do the buffer pads need cleaning? Is the screen still under the buffer pads? Oh, I'm confused, I thought you were NOT adding hydroponic nutrients. I have tilapia in my system as well. I'm overstocked i believe for now but I think the plants are finally catching up to the fish load. I'm feeding only 160 grams per day. When i switched over to the huge MGB ( 4' X 32' X 12"), I lost most of my plants. The Nitrates skyrocketed. I was feeding the fish 160 grams every 2nd or third day and nitrates were well over 300 on the api test kit. To find out what the nitrate is if its of the scale, simply dilute the sample 1:1 with tap water (assuming your tap water is nitrate free or very little) then double the results. Still too high? dilute a new sample further...etc.... until you can get an actual reading. Or I think HANNA sells a colormeter for nitrates. I'll probably pick up a nitrate test from hanna for that reason. Nice to see a digital readout. Why are you adding the trickle filter? more aeration? or for another process. Strider, I truly appreciate your time in answering my questions and sharing your experience via the forums and YouTube. I read tons of stuff but my mind comprehends by seeing things work not by reading from very high IQ research papers and and people. Seeing your setup at work is a great pleasure for me. On my dual loop conversion, I hope to tweak it in such a way that I can control nitrates on the plant side. Not sure if having a 24/7 online MT is the way to control nitrates. Still exploring and keep the updates coming.
  12. I now plan to convert over to a dual loop. The first step will be to replace the cloth with k1 and add air to turn it into a MBBR. Once the MBBR has colonized ill isolate the plants and fish. While the MBBR is colonizing, I'll prepare the system for the isolation. Below are hand drawings of what I plan to do. The idea is not mine but a sketch up of what I plan to do based on shared online information on this forum and BYAP forum. Strider, Swed, Paul, and many others on the forums and YT have been a big influence Constructive criticism is appreciated. Thank you. Please see my system page for details of the current single loop setup. Links to the drawings are below (this site does not allow attachments of google plus photos for some reason). https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-9QpgxiK1y0Q/Vf8JefgBxLI/AAAAAAAABVw/Tj2tDEv-4qM/s1280-Ut/15%2B-%2B1 https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-N5Wpa3l4wsQ/Vf8JeTjuhYI/AAAAAAAABV4/gU9HaJkQ84k/s1280-Ut/15%2B-%2B3 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-qSiTUhY6DDU/Vf8JebFhSzI/AAAAAAAABVo/A6ja1ZW7q5A/s1280-Ut/15%2B-%2B2
  13. Strider, Thanks for your time. Yup, I have followed your videos since you started dual loop. So since the MT tank is always online on the plant side, how are nitrate levels controlled? From readings online, plants like certain nutrients at different levels at different stages of growth to optimize production. How much feed by weight are the fish getting daily? What are your nitrates running? I have a single loop system and I'm in the planning stages of converting over to dual loop. I'll be creating a new thread for the conversion soon.
  14. Strider, Have you noticed any solids acumulation in the media beds? I run a single loop with two 50 gal barrels full of cloth and netting to filter out the solids. I still manage to get buildup at the outlet area to the grow bed. Your MT is always ONLINE on your plant side right? With all that build up in the MT tank, no solids make it past the MT filters? I have a 4' X 32' X 12" media grow bed and I really don't want to deal with clogging or cleaning it. A video of your MT build up would be nice. Have you ever emptied it? Thanks.
  15. No, not really. I go there maybe once a month if that.
  16. Swede, Details on the revision of my system can be seen on the "other forum" Not sure if I can post a link here...
  17. Here is my setup.
  18. Where did you get the venturies from online?
  19. Striders sand bed? You mean the pipe he filled with sand?
  20. My slo to RFF is at the same height as the main drain. I think that is where my problem is. I have to play with it again.
  21. My MGB is only a few weeks old. It receives filtered water. I sought there is denitrification there YET. PH from MGB outlet now before any feed today is 6.8. Net tank PH 7.0 fish tank 7.0. Tds is at 265 throughout. I have an offline " Minerilization Tank" with an airstone at the bottom. Tds is also the same here and pH is 6.8.
  22. Strider, Where did you get the buffing pad from? I can't find a barrel size pad locally?
  23. I have a 32' X 4' Grow bed filled with 6-7 cu yards of media. Is that not enough for biofiltration or do you think I still need MBBR? I have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 20-40 nitrates using the standard test kit.