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    My name is Larry D. Hays and I have a background in a number of things. First I owned a 30 ac Farm with old water rights. I developed a 4 ac Lake and secured 25 ac ft. additional water rights I grew Oregon Strawberries and we stocked the Lake with Steelhead & Rainbow Trout and found they grew big and large. I built a Trout Hatchery and ordered eggs in from other hatcheries and designed circular tanks hatching jars to hatch the trout eggs. I designed and built most everything in the hatchery. We produced 20,000 fingerlings a year. I designed the hatchery to operate as a RAS type system, I designed RBC Biological Filters and Air Stones, every so often when the water would load up with Nitrate I would replace it with fresh well water. I had no Idea what I was dumping. Until I took a trip to Canada and learn the Brian Chin an Avid Fly Fisherman an biologist had designed and built a spawning stream it the Kamloops CA. area. I went to the lake where he had installed them. The locals reported a much better fishing experience after they were installed. I went back to Dundee Oregon and began designing and construction of a spawning stream of my own. This was a great success we fished through the hot weather and we had much better control over water quality and temperature. We operated it as a “Catch and Release� operation. Just before we sold it a little 12 year old boy who was an avid Fly Fisherman, he had his own gear and that included a pontoon boat, Insisted his dad bring him fishing that day, he caught a 30� Steelhead weighting @ 12 lbs. boy was that fish Jumping, He was airborne a number of times, but he brought him to hand and measured him. We had some career “Fly Fishermen� that frequented the Lake, They wright stories to make their living. I make my living as an Electrical Contractor mostly “Troubleshooting� Large Printing Presses and Bindery Equipment. I design Controls for a single piece of Equipment or several pieces interconnect. I have Designed SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) this was on a Dairy Farm where Portland General Electrical (PGE) was funding a Methane Digester. We Produced 100KW with an AC Alternator from Cow manure and the Farmer was able to increase his Herd. We completed connected all the Power circuits and then was ask to complete the Process Control. We setup a PLC with a Telemetry SCADA system that would be operated 50 miles away. I have been Electrical Training in US Navy (I am a Vietnam Vet) and I was further trained in the Union apprenticeship, I have an Electrical Supervisors License in the State of Oregon. I was offered an opportunity to be Factory Trained at Fuji Electric in their Factory in Japan for Their Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) All Expensive Paid. Wow! I still have the Pictures. I have had Technical Training in Refrigeration/Heating & Cooling I worked in the Trade for a number of Years.
    I hope to take the knowledge I learned at Red Hills Lake about Aquaculture and add to it now Aquaponics. I believe America is soon to see troubled times as it has never experienced before. I believe Food will become the next bag of gold. Somewhere it is written Rev 6.6 a loaf of Bread will cost a day’s wages. I look forward to learning a great deal from you folks. Thanks for all you’re doing for Aquaponics. If I can help please let me know. Larry D. Hays
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    Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Sustainable Food Sources, Alternative Energy Systems

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  1. Hello mhaigh I'am still trying to learn how to communicate through this forum system. Thank you for your information. I am very intrigued and shall explore it further.
  2. I am not sure what I'm doing, but here goes Ravnis thanks for your response we frequently see zero F but I recall -20f. I intend to build my greenhouse as subterranean Heating & Cooling System lots of control on temperature. Also Water 55Gal. barrels on the north wall. I like the Leantoo style and the North and Center wall devides the Greenhouse from the fish Hatchery, but solid walls on the North side. I have a lot to learn. Please if I am doing this wrong straighten me out. Night all
  3. Hi Guys I just Joined tonight I am LarryDHays. I am interested in building a year round Greenhouse I live in the Northwest, Oregon's Willamette Valley, Oregon's Wine Country USA I have a small 2 1/2 Ac. Farm with a great South Exposure and I want to Setup an Aquaponic System and I dislike the Idea of Selling off the Tilapia and buying more next spring. If anyone has any experience building or Operating one I would like to Hear your thoughts.