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  1. They were too far gone to dissect without losing my lunch. I'll definitely have a look if there are any fresh casualties! Removed all the tape so will mention if any more die now that possible cause is eliminated.
  2. Recently had about 15 tilapia die. Did extensive water testing and everything was fine: temperature around 20^C, pH 6.5, ammonia & nitrites at minimum levels on the colour test, dissolved oxygen also ok. I'm feeding regularly, 3 times a day when it's warm, so it couldn't be starvation. Apart from disease - and the dead fish seemed clear of any slimy fungal stuff - the only likely cause of death is thread tape. I used to secure some piping inside the tank - normally I'd use PVC cement but the stand I made was so large it had to be assembled inside the tank, underwater. The pipes worked loose over time, exposing the tape. Probably looked like seaweed to them, wouldn't be surprised if they ate it. Anyone know if ingesting strips of plastic would kill fish? Seems likely to gum up their works...
  3. Hi follewagen. I just joined up. I'm also in Pretoria, nice to know there are other aquaponics fans here.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm in Pretoria, South Africa. Aquaponics has been a hobby for me over 3 years. I started out with a Barrelponics system then moved on to experimenting with a LEAP setup. I'm currently running 2 connected IBCs full of about 150 blue and gold tilapia each. I'm pumping via airlift and oxygenating with airstones. The growbeds comprise 4 bathtubs full of gravel. Plants include stevia, tomatoes, pumpkin, chives, watercress, chillies, corn... and some I can't recall right now. I also plumbed in a solar vacuum tube array this year, mostly to keep the temperature up over winter. I was introduced to this forum by Velacreations several months ago when I chatted with him about aquaponics - particularly LEAP - in an unrelated chatroom. He recommended this forum as a great learning resource and after studying some of the threads here, I have to agree! I'm going to build a new system in 2015, hoping you guys can give me feedback on my plans. Looking at a high stocking density system with Earthan Beds-style filtration, using an oxygenation trick I picked up from a local aquaculturist plus my own experimental heating design.