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    I've been an office jockey for all of my working life. But I have ambitions of growing my own food and plants for, first sustainability and then, eventually, for the small local markets in my area. I guess I'm planning my retirement years.
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    Gardning, self sufficiency, visionary

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  1. Her name is Kinouk. She's a five year year old Siberian Husky. ( ...and she's a big suck!) I've been gathering data on different styles and uses like "Pit Greenhouses" where the ground is used as an insulator and the glass roof is south facing... also, wood burning mass heaters where the heat from the burner is piped into the ground and around the inside of the building... ( It's amazing what you can find on the Net!!) I've been taking alot of notes but I feel that if I don't get started, I never will...
  2. I 'm real glad ot have stumbled onto your site. I'm totally new to the environment and look forward to all the available information. I've been reading on the subject for a few months now and I'm edging to get started. My biggest concern is that since I live in an area of the world where, in Quebec, Canada, the winter months can hit the -20's °C on a regular basis, I'm not sure if this can be a year round project (unless I plan for a quality greenhouse). I look to all members who can help me and provide insight for my retirement hobby. (perhaps business, if things go well).