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  1. i have a couple of guys in my greenhouse that i am unfamiliar with. they are very small, but i have a great little microscope that i hooked up to the computer in order to capture some photos. does anyone know what these are? there are a few photos of a "beetle" looking insect and a few photos of an "ant" style insect. thank you Christopher
  2. Gary, as soon as i get some actual "free time" i will do my best to sit down and try to explain some of the day to day operations of our commercial facility. Right now i am just trying to make things run a little smoother.
  3. I am changing a couple of the filtering components in my system and would like to sell this bead filter. Put into service in 2009. $6000 or best offer comes with computer, both automatic valves, relays and filter itself. let me know if you have any questions Christopher KP Simply Fresh Aquaponics Farm 608-393-2299 cell
  4. I am really interested in pursuing these rotating drum filters as a viable option. i understand that some people are wiling to do more labor intensive work versus more cost up front. Personally i would rather spend the money up front, free up some of my time, and be able to spend that time looking at making the entire operation run more efficiently. I have been in contact with Norm and he has been a great help, but what i guess i am looking for is anyone that has an aquaponics system that i can talk with (or possibly visit with) before becoming a test subject. My current commercial system consists of (10) 1,200 gallon round tanks (Polytank Company). Each tank has its own clarifier, from there each set of clarifiers (2 set of 4 and 1 set of 2) go into a set of mineralization tanks (this is a Nelson and Pade system). Each fish tank currently hold between 300-450 tilapia. They are fed 3-6 cups of Purina Aquamax 4000 (4) four times a day. While Norm assures me that the Profidrum filters will handle this (and i do believe him) my concerns are on the nutrient levels. The lettuce crops are the main income of the business, so that is my main concern. so, is anyone away of a facility (commercially) using any type of rotating drum filter? thank you Christopher
  5. I spend more online time on my phone or tablet than I do on the computer itself. Is there a chance of getting the forums integrated with taptalk? Thanks you. Christopher
  6. I will do my best to try to get at it. I really need to update the website too. The only thing that really looks the same is the physical greenhouse. Almost everything else has changed... for better or worse, only time will tell.
  7. you are misinformed. we are an aquaponics farm that is paying it own bills. more misinformation... at least on the class part. we do offer tours and we do charge for them, but the amount we charge generally pays for the time spent with the patron and is more for informing the public than turning a profit from them. if aquaponics (or small farming in general) were "a passport to riches" then there would be a lot more people doing it. that is only logical. As many of you know, there is a time lapse between purchasing a system, getting the actual components set up (this is not an IBC tote system), getting fish into the system, getting the nutrient level up sufficient enough to actually grow plants (this is 30,000 gallon system so that is a lot of nutrients), getting the plants to mature size, then marketing your product (that takes some time), getting the orders in, filling the orders, etc. I tell people that it is about 1 year from construction start until you have mature plants to grow to show potential clients. I have just recently found this forum, and while i will be on from time to time i can not check in all the time. I encourage anyone that would like to send me an email to go ahead and do so. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge. I don't claim to be an expert, and what works for our operation may not work for yours. In case anyone is wondering about the stability of our company, you may like to know that we are adding a 80% expansion onto our current greenhouse (the pictures that you have seen on the website are from the first "go" and since then we have removed the fish from the greenhouse, converted a separate room for them (also adding 4 additional 1200 gallon fish tanks, bringing our total to 10 (ten) 1200 gallon fish tanks) added two more 8' x 64' grow beds and are going to be adding fruiting crops in the next section. as far as Nelson and Pade goes, i can attest to the fact that we enjoy working with them. they are quick to respond to our questions, willing to work with us on designs, and are genuinely passionate about aquaponics. truth be told, you could sit down and read a book, you could go from farm to farm and you could even start your own system to figure out what they could have told you. will you be any more money ahead going at it on your own? that is the million dollar question. i find having someone to go to that is passionate about this industry kind of like a safety net. while i don't count on them for everything, i know that they are there if i need a little guidance. Please don't read any emotions into my words that are not there. I encourage good conversation and debate. Family company (mom, dad, me (Christopher) and uncle) just trying to make a living, be healthy, and have some fun along the way. Christopher KP Simply Fresh Aquaponics Farm