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  1. A very sharp skewer as 1st choice. I've also used a knife but I don't like it as much as a fine sharp metal skewer. I saw the concept on a RobBob blog, described as ikijime or spiking. This site gives a good guide to the fish (around here), and usually supplies a picture of the target and fish type. I think I should get some mesh gloves for this technique, because I've had a close shave with the knife on the hand.
  2. The Aussie native raspberry hedges are producing daily harvest, as well as Davidson's plums & I've pulled out some nice groundHog radishes lately.
  3. Had the same thing happen to me on my first fish, didn't like it too. When I'd go fishing years ago, the head would usually go straight into a pelican's mouth, never thought of it more until the first harvest. I've tried spiking the brain and with practice I hope it may be a faster way.
  4. WasabiJPPSPCH

    From the album Plant and growing platforms

    Wasabi, P.Spinach & Chives
  5. GBLettuce

    From the album Plant and growing platforms

    Lettuce in a Brisbane outdoor growbed
  6. GBWasabiJ

    From the album Plant and growing platforms

    Wasabi Japonica in a Brisbane outdoor growbed.
  7. I like it Gary. One of the basic things, that many have the oppertinuity to do well, when given good direction, is to produce food for their households = Lower Food Miles If then, the production goes beyond the household's need, a surplus can be used in many ways, by the householders, to lower general consumption miles further. It's the good direction, inspiration and enthusiasm that helps to kick this kind of stuff off, and it sounds like your yard's going to be full of that. Thanks!
  8. Apologies, no split in previous post video. Honey harvest only.
  9. And here's the video of the native bee hive split, new (and first) man made frame for Australian stingless bees, punching tool & centrifuge. I believe Bob created this, to minimise bee deaths during harvest... what a guy! Up until now, I would have never thought we could be centrifuging stingless bee honey pots.
  10. Here's a 'Totally Wild' segment (Australian kids nature show) about Australian Native Bees. It features Bob Luttrell, who has recently developed a unique native bee honey harvester (not mentioned in show). This link has Bob displaying his inventions.
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your darker days and what went. I'm inspired by hearing about your micro farming making the difference, well done and an example that diversifying your food systems can give you enough options to make ends meet.
  12. Wicking bed and Koala

    From the album Plant and growing platforms

    Here are the wicking beds in December 14, with very average looking plants. In the background you will see a Koala in the tree.
  13. Wicking Beds April15

    From the album Plant and growing platforms

    The 1st 2 wicking beds have improved (plant health) in the last 6 months from initial setup. I have used some sheeting left over from the shed to clad the 2 IBCs.
  14. Jade Perch Harvest

    From the album Jade Perch photos

    Probably poor wording, as I only harvested 2 on that occasion.
  15. Jades KangKong & Aibika

    From the album Jade Perch photos

    This was my first Jade Perch Dinner, I'm very happy with the taste of Jade Perch.