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  1. Hi Mark,

    I was very sorry to hear of your recent "very bad luck" and my heart went out to you sir.

    I do not want any public acknowledgment at all nor do I expect any acknowledgement from your good self but I think you should know I donated a small donation of U.S.$100.00 through gofundme. (Which cost me $A144.09) by the time they ripped me for conversion plus a U.S.$15.00 (A$21.61) for gofundme costs. (I would of much prefered all the money go to you but there is no point in worrying about it now) Point is. Did you receive the money from Anthony Bridgewater? I would prefer no public acknowledgement as It's not about me it's about you. Just wondering if you have received the $100.00?

    Also I would like to personally extend my thoughts to you and what has happened to you and wish you all the very best from now on.



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