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  1. I imagine that only certain fish would survive in an IAVs system with intermittent airation. Maybe an airstone / pump would would be prudent.
  2. Hello from the Aloha State. When I was a teen one of my jobs was working at a nursery. One of my tasks was taking seedlings and transplanting them into greenhouse sand beds. After they grew a little they were potted and put outside. The sandbeds had sand and perlite. That is all. Anyway, I thought this was similar to what you were doing.... Maybe plant seedlings, wait, then add fish....? Any reason perlite cannot be added to tbe first 8"?
  3. Hi VKN. Resident troll here. Very nice video and setup. I was wondering why the fisk pond is so shallow? Looks like the fish can barely swim in the water.
  4. Yes, both systems simultaneously from one fish tank. Yes, trying to use one connected to the end of the other would present problems. Understand that I am not comparing the two systems as some inevitably do with each post they make, I am just suggesting another way to build. As Gary has said, fish production is not the goal of iAVs but why not run another system where fish production is the goal. Best of both Worlds...?
  5. Yep, he seems like a doer......I was thinking of his common problems, problems we have all faced as we designed and built systems...and it came to me that perhaps a hybrid system that runs a dual loop and a iAVs system may worth building. One (Dual loop) to keep the majority of the grow beds clean and the other (iAVs) to filter the fish tank. Let's face it not all crops grow well with out additives. That is where the dual loop comes in. But those things that do grow well in sand would need no additives....Gary, please don't scream at me that I don't understand iAVs because everything grows well in that type The experiment continues....
  6. Well, I am finally progressing with my new build and have just finished the fish side and am testing it. I am using an inline pump and have added a sieve filter with 100 micron SS screen to get those really small solids out. All seems to be working well and I transferred 5 of the Talapia from my old tank to see how they get on. No deaths so far. I have the mineralization tank built for the plant side and will need to plum that into the fish side. Once I get the rest of the fish moved over I will clean and install the last two tanks for the plant side. I will try to make a short video and get it posted today. Many thanks to all contributors including those who share their builds and ideas like Mr. Van Der Werf and RobBob and Mr1Superb for his sieve filter desgn. My only concern is the pump I am using. It does run a little hot, not sure if that is normal or not. It may be too much pump for my system (2500 gph). I will consider using a sump tank pump in the future. Any recommendations are appreciated. I had the usual flow problems but finally figured it out. I am using all venturi devices to pump O2 to my fish tank and bio filter. But during the testing period I have an airpump for insurance in case something goes wrong. Since I am using my old biofilter with the same media from my old System I have noticed the bacteria are present and I am producing nitrates and my ammonia and nitrites are near zero. May be too soon to know for sure but I will be doing daily tests for the next few weeks. Ph is a little high due to the new conditioned tap water so I will be adding acid to bring that down to around 7.0 over the next couple days. Still lots to do but progress is being made. Jim
  7. I must have misunderstood Gary's meanong....probably the accent.. Well Daddy, I put a new in sump tank pump in my system to reduce the flow and eliminate the need to vent extra water. But it is still too much volume. I am running all on venturi tubes and leaving the air pumps for emergencies. I need to rebuild my RFF (add a cone bottom) and redesign my sand and gravel filter. Busy as Hell lately even working weekends but will try to post some pics Sunday.
  8. Laughter makes the world go round. Get me back? I never left.
  9. Lol, I rest my case.
  10. Also like to mention that I lost power for two hours and was in a panic. Although electricity outages are rare, they do happen here. So I ran an extension cord from my truck to my air pump in the fish tank. Reduced output but it did work. Guess I need to invest in a portable generator.
  11. Gary, this is a dusl loop thread, not an Iavs thread. I have read all of Mark's posts and comments. I was referring to the car parking stall sized systems, u know, the whole reason for developing enable poor villagers to produce crops and harvest fish cheaply. You have a very distasteful tendency to talk down to people. You need to work on that. One commercial sized study does not a validated system trial make. Enough of that... So I have now replaced my large external pump for a smaller in tank pump to hopefully lower water volume and use only venturi tubes for fish tank and bio filter. So no more air pumps. Should cut my electric bill and simplify things. The experiment goes on.
  12. Well, as interesting as those big commercial systems are with all their formulas and plumbing my system is as far removed from those as can be. Mine, like Mr. McMurtry's, is a small scale back yard endeavor only designed to work to my specifications. When it stops working to my specification, or maybe I should say expectations, I will change it. For now I am plugging away at the smaller problems like filtration and flow rates. Please keep comments pertinent. I don't really care if people disagree on types of systems and those systems worth, but keep it positive. Comparing, for example, Sand systems with dual loop, NTF, or other types is silly, as they all work if properly built and maintained. It is really a matter of preference. I mean really, what do I care if another system produces 20 times better? I can not eat what I am growing now at a hobby level. It is all irrelevent. My I suggest that forums be split between the small scale hobby types and the commercial types? Just a thought.
  13. Why isn't your system producing? Hang in there buckaroo! You are having a bad summer, first Bernie loses the primary and now this. Lol
  14. Hmmmm, is that your professional opinion? Lol.
  15. Well it has been a while since my last update. Sorry about that! So, I have been trying different ways to filter my water. I went with a felt sock type filter that worked well but required frequent cleaning; twice a day. The socks eventually degrade and need to be replaced. Then I went to a wedge wire / felt sock combination. That was OK but the socks still needed frequent cleaning and the wedge wire needed cleaning as well. So still a daily chore. Them I replaced the felt socks with a 74 micron basket. It fit into a 5 gal bucket. Still a lot of daily cleaning (probably should have went with a 200 micron basket) as did the wedge wire. I placed a conical bottom on a 55 gal barrel and filled the barrel with river rock, 3/4 inch gravel, pea gravel, and topped it all off with chicken grit. (crushed granite). While most of these so called birdman gravel and sand (G&S) filters feed water from the bottom working its way up and out the top into the sump tank, mine gets its water from the top and works its way down and out the bottom of the conical bottom into the sump. It does have the customary backwash plumbing tgat uses a shop vac to dislodge the waste for cleaning. Cleaning is every three days. So far I have observered several issues. First, my drain is too small and needs to be increased to a 2 inch size. My pump my be a bit much as well. The pros are very clean water. Crystal clear! Also less frequent cleaning times. The con is it uses more water to clean the sand out. But I can say that of all ways I have tried this is by far the best. I will work on a video to show it hopefully today! Cheers all!
  16. Nice job!
  17. The University of North Carolina is one entity, and Mark work at that one entity. Same study! I am aware of the studies, long ago. But what I need, and I am sure others, is something a little more current. Look, if one is going to parade this as the best thing since sliced bread, they should have 1st hand knowledge. The kind of knowledge obtained from doing. That is all I have ever said. I never contested anything, ever! But to get the real following and acknowledgement sought here, it has to come from doing. 30-20 year old data just does not do it for me. Maybe it does for you, and that is great. To each his own. There is no conspiracy, no vendetta. There is huge dislike for censorship and a one way slanted pov. There is also a almost childish a verbal assault from Mark and Gary when someone offers the simplest criticism. Their attitude provokes the very stuff they claim to want to prevent.
  18. NONE of my posts where of a harassing nature. I do not care why you do what you do, it is irrelevant. BTW, I am now taking my valuable time to post this for free. So what. You offer a slanted and very defensive pov. You cite data from the 80's from one source. You rely on virtually one person and have put all your blind faith in his research. If my request to get something a little more current is too much for you, so be it. But if you continue to make the claims you have made here on on the iAVS website in which you denounce all systems but iAVS then you should either make it and prove it or expect replies like this one. I am quite certain you will delete this because it challenges your preconceived notion of what you will allow here. Open and fair are dead here. At some point, YOU will need to build and prove the iAVS claims. Not me, not anyone else, you! Otherwise you are just regurgitating theory.
  19. I posted stuff that was not insulting nor personal, just an observation and request but Gary saw fit to remove it anyway. So, untill someone builds a moderate sized iAVS, tests it with fish and plants per Marks criteria, and shows stages of progress with more complex plants, I see no real value to this thread.
  20. Looked at the pics, nice harvest Mike!
  21. I feel ya brother! I was going to use an IBC for mine...
  22. This is meant as a brag. I harvested record numbers bitter melon, had to give them away there was so many. Also my pepper plants are full. My spices are busy and need constant thinning. I have cucumbers towering into the sky ready for the pickling jars, I may need more jars. This is much better than swampaponics. Lol (sarcasm?) On a more serious note I did pickle string beans recently and I have to say at first I thought it was silly but they actually came out pretty good. I spiced some of them up with a piece of ghost pepper I grew and it gave them just the right amount of kick.
  23. More like irrigation. AP requires fish and your ability to harvest them.....
  24. You do know this is an aquaponics forum right? Do you have an aquaponics system on all those fertile acres?