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  1. Thanks Jon, that all made sense to me. I'm lucky to live on 10 acres, so neighbours arent a problem and theyre good ones anyway. Trout were never an option for me because I've never liked the taste of them personally. So its ok to continually pump water through a bed then I take it? I wasnt sure about that. This idea sounds very easy. If I had a 1500 long bed how far apart do you think I need to space the piping that is pumping the water in at the top? I guess it will just be pvc pipe with holes drilled in it at certain centres. Can you suggest hole sizes & spacings? I was thinking of putting in an inch or so of sand in the bottom of the water tank, is this worth doing? Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I will make it my project for the xmas break. Thinking of running with a grow bed system. Theres a water tank place in midland on the corner of the roe hwy that had some rectangular ponds that were about 300 deep that looked suitable. First I've just got to get my head around how these automatic syphons work. Had a read of some in the forum and still cant grasp it properly. Because the tank is fully in the ground I was thinking of sitting the bed on the ground and overhanging it slightly over the tank so it can just drain straight back in to the tank. I dont particularly want it up high as I have a good back & my other vegie gardens are on the ground anyway. It will look more like a conventional garden bed this way also. I was thinking of eventually having 3 grow beds fanning out from the tank at 90 degrees apart.
  3. Thanks Murray, What is an NFT system that you mentioned ?, I searched the threads but didnt come up with anything. My tank is round by the way. I'll post some photos when I start. I asssume that I will need a layer of sand in the bottom of the concrete tank as you mentioned planting some reeds - is this correct? Thanks
  4. G'day everyone. Been looking for a while, thought I'd post a thread. I'm a 45 year old male who is a keen vegie gardener and have been wondering what I could do with a 2.2m diameter, 900mm deep concrete tank that is buried in the ground in my front yard. The tank has power next to it with timers & water hooked up to it with a float valve. Not sure what the last owner used it for. A year ago I put some yabbies in it but they didnt last without any filtration which got me searching and I found out about aquaponics. Time to give it a go I reckon. What size grow beds could I use with a tank of this size? There is plenty of room around the tank. I have a spare pressure pump that was off a property that I had once that didnt have town water, I'm sure I could utilise this?? Any suggestions of where to source grow beds in perth would be appreciated, and any other suggestions as to grow bed sizes, types of fish and where to source in perth would be a help. Thankyou.