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  1. Sorry not and expert with Sketchup
  2. Yes. Plumbing all IBCs together with SLO. Fish tank to RFF to swirl then GBs then back to sump. From the sump back to the fish tanks
  3. No greenhouse this is the idea that i was wanting to go with. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=u4bbaae95-51df-4e89-b6f3-3d3611312ed0
  4. Also what size GBs would you recommend?
  5. I've never herd of iavs before. It looks Amazing, still researching. I already have lots of questions about it.
  6. I'm in the planning stage of building a new system. It would have 4) 330gal IBCs 1) 330gal inground sump 2) 5ftx 8ft GBs 1) 5ftx 8ft Raft bed 1) 55gal RFF 1) 5gal Swirl filter (maybe not sure if I need a second filter ) 1) 3000 ghp pump. 1) 4ftx4ft bed for duck weed Was wondering what size pipe should I use to get the best flow. I have some left over 2in pipe that I could use but wasn't sure if I would be best for a system this size. ? Should I just use the 2in for the drain pipes for the beds? Also, all FTs would have 3/4in Pipe from pump with venturi's. Do anyone see anything wrong with this idea?
  7. And another reason why I was leaning toward that breeder colony. I was going to buy some fingerlings, red, golds, Mozambique, It's going to cost me $230 to have them shipped here. That's about have the price of the colony. Why pay more and have better genetics and bigger filets ?
  8. Yea you maybe right. I'm going to work with what I already have. But I maybe just keep a variety of different breeds. Separate Them In each thank and experiment what type are best for my setup, and which ones people like the most. Plus no one in my area have tilapia for sale. So I think there is some room to make a little cash once i start breeding n
  9. Well right now. I have one 330gal FT and 100gal sump, with 2 GB aquaponics Inside I have 2 75 gal and 1 125gal aquarium. I'm planning to expand my outside system to 2 large GB with a 330gal sump and 4 330gal FT.
  10. Do you guys know if I where to breed the wami hybrids would I achieve the 99% male offsprings or close to it ?
  11. No this is the breeder that I'm talking about. http://www.tilapiafarmingathome.com/Pages/OurProducts.aspx
  12. I've been searching the net trying to find info on this breeder colony. Can't really find any info with people posting any info far as personal experience with this type of fish. There's a guy out of FL that's selling a colony for $400 plus shipping. Do any having any info or experience with this type of breeds? I like the whole idea of having a 99% all male off spring, but is it worth that money buying this colony ?
  13. I'm interested in both Orange T-Mossambica and T-Hornorum, both male and female not looking to pay a arm and a leg but a reasonable price to ship to South Ga, USA.
  14. I found a even bigger canister filter this is rated for 200gal tank. http://www.amazon.com/HW-404B-5-Stage-External-Canister-Sterilizer/dp/B00C91OTL4/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1452783950&sr=8-9&keywords=sunsun+canister+filter Is it worth getting?
  15. Thanks for the reply Craig Being that the 2 75gal tanks are on the floor. I can't drill them. But I can go the route of adding a pump in side the tank sending the water through a 2 filters. But again I'm limited on space, if I do this how would I get the water back into the tank? Add another pump? I'm not sure what my city use for cleaning the water. Thought about ordering a garden hose filter that removes both chlorine and chloraminate. What's your input on that? Also today I came across this canister filter on eBay it seems like it has everything you just mentioned in it for $66 http://m.ebay.com/itm/100-Gal-370-GPH-Aquarium-Fish-Tank-Canister-Filter-9W-UV-Sterilizer-FREE-MEDIA-/252030506838?nav=SEARCH I also came up with the idea of trying to make a diy sand filter to increase bio filtration. What do you think?